London: Munaf Kalia might be killed in custody after a recent financial scandal according to a senior source in the security. Some one informed the family that Mr Kalia could be eliminated in government custody and presented as ‘suicide’. This leak could be linked to further pressurise the Memon business community but can be serious due to the involvement of high profile elite in the flight of capital from Pakistan. 


It is quite common in Pakistan that witnesses of the high profile cases have been eliminated for example witness of Murtaza Bhutto’s case Karachi Police’s inspector Haq Nawaz Sial was killed by unknown gunmen and more recently Chief Security officer of late Benzair Bhutto Khalid Shenshah was killed out his under construction house in Karachi.


But there are also reports that a secret deal with Mr Kalia has been struck and his arrest has served many purposes to score political points. It is the duty of the State Bank of Pakistan to demand the list of names of people who transferred money abroad urgently and release to the public.


Over 400 international transactions are linked with the MQM party whose international HQ is in London according to press reports. That made MQM circles very nervous and hasty announcement of Micro Finance Bank is also linked with Mr Kalia’s arrest according to sources.


There are rumours that Rehman Malik interior minister demanded a share in the investment of Mr Kalia abroad reportedly in Russia. Currently multi millionaire Rehman Malik was a junior officer in the labour protectorate department and then headed FIA before escaping from Pakistan during Nawaz Sharif government.


A senior security source confirmed that the real reason Mr Kalia’s arrest is related to transactions related of the top elite of the PPP government who reportedly transferred money after de-freezing of their assets resulted from the notorious NRO deal with the General Musharraf.


A close friend of Mr Kalia escaped from Pakistan and arrived in London recently. He feared for his life in Pakistan. ‘Mr Kalia and others should be given full chance to tell his side of the story in the court of law’, said a close friend.