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Mumbai Bombings: Who is stopping Karkare Murder Investigations?

By Dr Shahid Qureshi : –

The World obviously did not buy the Indian version of Mumbai Bombing plot which many believe was an inside job? Even ‘ Colombo ’ can solve the Mumbai bombings plot if given a free hand because any one who solves the murder of Hemant Karkare would solve the Mumbai Bombings. The pathetic story Indians have come with to implicate Pakistan into got more holes then fishing net? .

On top of that the killing of two ‘Indian militants’ and recovery of AK47, hand grenades and off course a Pakistani passport according to senior police official near Delhi a day before India’s Republic Day on 25th January 2008, seems another attempt to blame Pakistan and ISI. It seems Indians are becoming more and more desperate and coming out with ‘most stupid’ stories? Why would some one carry a passport if one is going on secret and apparently a suicide mission? Obviously dead people can’t talk and Indians have plenty of Pakistanis in their jails not to mention over 250 people taken from Afghanistan with the help on Northern Alliance .

Even a trainee reporter will not buy the story but BBC seemingly following the line of Indian Police? A senior British journalist wrote to BBC, “Damian Grammaticus (BBC Journalist) simply relays a fantastic Indian version of its own neoconian ‘war on terror’. He mindlessly – perhaps even deliberately – connects it with the Mumbai killings. There are few caveats in the entire report and he would like his readers/listeners to believe that the minders of the alleged militants, presumably the ISI of Pakistan, were not only evil but pretty stupid too: besides AK-47 assault rifles they armed their stooges with a Pakistani passport as well! Our Damian Grammaticus gulps and tries to sell a story, which few independent Indian journalists would buy so mindlessly”.

Karkare murder is the key to solve the Mumbai and other Indian terrorism.
Why would some one carry a passport if one is going on suicide mission?

No doubt that Hemant Karkar was India ’s patriotic officer and the same time victim of Indian domestic terrorism. His killers are directly or indirectly linked to the Mumbai Bombings because who else would have benefited with his death?  His wife’s refusal to accept money from Hindu extremist and Hardliner BJP raise many eyebrows. Mrs Karakare also seemingly not satisfied with the investigation and must be frustrated with the cover ups of the Indian government.

It is not rocket science to inference that alleged terrorist Ajmal Qasab was a small pawn in whole ‘Mumbai Plot’? It is irrelevant from where Ajmal Qasab originated the most important question for the investigators should be to find out who provided arms and support inside India and let Mumbai hostage to 10 terrorists? India intelligence RAW has got quite a few clay pigeons like Ajmal Qasab some of  them have been kidnapped from Afghanistan with the help of Northern Alliance.

The cocktail of Hindu Supremacists and over Israeli involvement in the Indian affairs proving to be disastrous and might bring more disasters to the Indians? Israelis are good at transferring their fears, paranoia, and anxieties on friendly nations to justify their brutal and inhuman occupation strategy of ‘this is how we feel’. None of the major incidents had full public and criminal enquiries be it 9/11 in USA or 7/7 in London and now seemingly Indian government is not only trying to sabotage the investigations of ‘Hemant Karakra’  but also trying to cover up the failures of their security services and raising suspicions that ‘Mumbai Bombings’ was an inside job?

Regarding the Malegaon blasts which Hemant Karakar was investigating Anti Terrorist Squad (ATS) says Indian Army Colonel Purohit is the main conspirator according to Indian Express published on Jan 20, 2009.  “Chargesheet was filed against Malegaon blast accused which includes Sadhvi Pragya and Lt Col P S Purohit.Chargesheet was filed against Malegaon blast accused which includes Sadhvi Pragya and Lt Col P S Purohit.”

The paper says “Mumbai: Nearly four months after the blast at Malegaon, police filed a chargesheet that named Army officer Lt Col Prasad Purohit as the main conspirator who provided the explosives, and Sadhvi Pragya Singh Thakur as the prime accused who arranged for the men who planted the explosives. The 4,000-page chargesheet, filed by Maharashtra Anti- Terrorism Squad (ATS) before the Special MCOCA court here, stated that Purohit floated right wing group Abhinav Bharat in 2007 with an intention to ‘propagate a separate Hindu Rashtra with its own Constitution’. According to the document, the Army officer collected ‘huge amounts’ to the tune of Rs 21 lakh for himself and Abhinav Bharat to promote his “fundamentalist ideology.”

The amount was disbursed by Ajay Rahirkar, treasurer of the group, to various other accused to procure explosives for committing unlawful activities. The conspiracy meetings were held from January 2008 at Faridabad , Bhopal , Kolkata, Bhopal , Jabalpur , Indore and Nashik. At a meeting in Bhopal on April 11, 2008 Purohit took responsibility of providing explosives while the Sadhvi took the task of arranging for the men for exploding the bombs in the Muslim-dominated town in North Maharashtra . Purohit had bought RDX with him when he returned from his Kashmir posting. He assembled the explosives at his residence in Pune with the help of co-accused Sudhakar Chaturvedi and wanted accused Ramji Kalsangra, and the same was used in the September 29 blast at Malegaon that killed six persons.”

Indian authorities are reportedly sharing different kind of intelligence on Mumbai Bombings with Europeans, Americans and providing different type to Pakistanis? It is quite ironic that Indian elite writers and academics have also joined the mindless approach of externalising India ’s internal problems, domestic terrorism, and insurgencies.

“As Israeli planes and tanks were exacting a heavy toll on Gaza , India ‘s leaders and strategic thinkers were watching with an unusual degree of interest – and some empathy. India ‘s government, no surprise, joined the rest of the world in calling for an end to the military action, but its criticism of Israel was muted. For, as Israel demonstrated anew its determination to end attacks on its civilians by militants based in Hamas-controlled territory, many in India , still smarting from the horrors of the Mumbai attacks in November, have been asking: Why can’t we do the same?

Yet, when Indians watch Israel take the fight to the enemy, killing those who launched rockets against it and dismantling many of the sites from which the rockets flew, some cannot resist wishing that they could do something similar in Pakistan . India understands, though, that the collateral damage would be too high, the price in civilian lives unacceptable, and the risks of the conflict spiraling out of control too acute to contemplate such an option. So Indians place their trust in international diplomacy and watch, with ill-disguised wistfulness, as Israel does what they could never permit themselves to do”, wrote Shashi Tharoor former under-secretary-general of the United Nations in Israeli daily Haaretez on 23rd January 2009, “ India ‘s Israel envy”. This unconditional love with Israel is extra ordinary? India ’s domestic terrorism is a bigger threat to the region and India itself.

As far as the story that Indian Army Col Prohit planed an exile Hindu Government in Israel seems like a big distraction and a spanner in the original Mumbai Bombings investigations and murder of ATS chief Hemant Karakare. The real question is why Israel ? Karkare murder is the key to solve the Mumbai and other Indian terrorism.

(Dr Shahid Qureshi is senior analyst with BBC and chief editor of The London Post. He writes on security, terrorism and foreign policy. He also appears as analyst on Al-Jazeera, Press TV, MBC, Kazak TV (Kazakhstan), LBC Radio London. He has written a famous book “War on Terror and Siege of Pakistan” published in 2009. He wrote his MA thesis on ‘Political Thought of Imam Khomeini’ and visited Tehran University. He is PhD in ‘Political Psychology’ also studied Law at a British University)

Views expressed are not of The London Post

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