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Multiple deaths as extreme weather sweeps Europe

Blizzards, icy roads and dangerously low temperatures over the past two days have claimed more than a dozen lives in parts of Europe. The harsh winter weather has also cut off towns and caused massive power outages.Deutschland Zahlreiche Unfälle nach arktischen Temperaturen und Blitzeis (picture alliance/dpa/D. Reinhardt)

Pavements like skating rinks

Black ice occurs when raindrops are so cold that they freeze while coming down to earth. This can turn pavements or roads into dangerous patches of ice within seconds or minutes. Drivers of vehicles are not the only ones in danger!Türkei Schnee auf dem Flughafen Istanbul (picture-alliance/dpa/I. Yildlz)

Istanbul: Late and canceled flights

Sleet can also crystallize on aircraft. The added weight can become a serious danger in the air. But in Istanbul, Turkey, hundreds of planes remained grounded at the city’s two airports not because of sleet, but because of a heavy snowstorm. Road traffic also almost came to a halt at times.Refugees in Belgrade (picture-alliance/ZUMA Wire/D. Balducci)

Spending winter nights outside

Temperatures in eastern Europe have dipped far under freezing point. During the winter months, more than 100 people freeze to death here every year. Most of them are homeless people. This winter, according to Human Rights Watch, some 2,000 refugees are sleeping out in the open or in tents in Serbia (above) and Hungary – at temperatures of currently -20 C (-4 F).Child with dustpan full of snow on Lesbos (Getty Images/AFP/STR)

Snow in the Mediterranean

Winter has also come to the Greek island of Lesbos. In the refugee camp there (above), authorities handed out blankets and fan heaters to migrants and opened heated halls and underground stations for homeless people. Snow is very rare on the Greek islands. Local media in the port city of Rethymno on Crete said it snowed there for the first time in 40 years on Sunday morning.Foggy view of Rhine (DW)

Bleak outlook

The morning after the black ice, thick fog envelops much of central Europe. The Rhine can barely be seen from the windows of Deutsche Welle in Bonn, even though the river is just some 200 meters (yards) away. And the forecasts remain gloomy: Temperatures are meant to rise in the next few days, but winter could still be in for the long – and very cold – haul.

Author: Jan D. Walter

Four Portuguese tourists were killed and some 20 others were injured on Sunday when their bus skidded off an ice-covered highway in eastern France.

Authorities said the Switzerland-bound bus plummeted into a ditch in the Saone-et-Loire region near Lyon.

“It was very icy,” state prosecutor Karine Malara said. “The weather conditions this morning were very bad.”

Severe conditions across Europe have caused fatalities in a number of countries in recent days. Black ice across northern and western Germany was blamed for dozens of road accidents and injuries overnight. One person died near Hannover after their car skidded into a tree, the German Press Agency reported. Meanwhile, firefighters in the city of Hamburg said Sunday they had received 415 emergency calls for weather-related incidents.

Türkei Schnee in Istanbul (picture alliance/dpa/AP/M. Gorder) Children play in the snow in Istanbul

Freezing temperatures

In Poland, two men died of hypothermia on Saturday, bringing the nation’s death toll from winter weather to 55 since November 1, authorities said. Some parts of the country saw temperatures as low as minus 30 degrees Celsuis (minus 22 Fahrenheit). In the neighboring Czech Republic, three people died because of the icy weather, according to the CTK agency.

Eight weather-related deaths were reported in Italy, including a man who died of cold on a street near Florence’s Arno River.

Police in Bulgaria said two Iraqi men and a Somali woman died from cold in the mountains near Turkey as they attempted to walk toward Europe.

Bulgarian authorities said a passenger train derailed in the center of the country on Sunday after it hit a pile of snow. Meanwhile, several villages to the north were left without electricity and water. Similar conditions were reported in Serbia’s south, where some towns were cut off by heavy snow and around 70 kilometers (43 miles) of water pipes froze.

Snow also fell on Istanbul, Turkey, for a third straight day, prompting major delays and hundreds of flight cancellations at the city’s two main airports.

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