Mr Christopher Allan new UK Ambassador to Uzbekistan


Mr Christopher Allan has been appointed Her Majesty’s Ambassador to the Republic of Uzbekistan.Mr Christopher Allan has been appointed Her Majesty’s Ambassador to the Republic of Uzbekistan in succession to Mr George Edgar OBE, who will be transferring to another Diplomatic Service appointment. Mr Allan will take up his appointment during Autumn 2015.

Mr Allan joined the FCO in 2000 and he has worked across a range of foreign policy issues in the FCO, including security policy, the environment and Afghanistan and Pakistan. He worked in the British Embassy in Tokyo from 2003 to 2006, and was Head of South Asia Group in the FCO from 2009 to 2010. His most recent appointment was in Addis Ababa, where he was Deputy Head of Mission from 2011 to 2014.

On his appointment as Her Majesty’s Ambassador to the Republic of Uzbekistan, Mr Allan has said:

I am honoured to have been appointed the next British Ambassador to Uzbekistan. It will be a privilege to represent the United Kingdom in a country with such rich culture and history, and such huge potential for the future. I hope to develop further the political, economic, and cultural relationship between our two countries, with a view to enhancing our mutual prosperity and security.


Full name: Christopher Allan
2015 Language training (Russian)
2011 – 2014 Addis Ababa, Deputy Head of Mission
2009 – 2010 FCO, Head, South Asia Group
2009 FCO, Deputy Head, South Asia Group
2006 – 2009 FCO, Nuclear & Missile Defence Team Leader, Security Policy Department
2004 – 2006 Tokyo, First Secretary
2002 – 2003 Language training (Japanese)
2000 – 2001 FCO, Desk Officer, Environment Policy Department
2000 Joined FCO