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MQM’s International Murders: London – South Africa -Karachi

Haji Jalal, Javaid Shaikh and Imran Farooq –

By Dr Shahid Qureshi

Roadside assassination of MQM gangster Haji Jalal, his sons and innocent bystander in Karachi and alleged street murder of Imran Farooq in London left many questions for the living, then the answers. This is second international murder of MQM leader first one was in South Africa when a senior MQM organiser Javeed Shaikh was killed.

According to news reports published on 9th July 2009, “Hajji Jalal senior member of the Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM), two of his sons and a passer-by were shot dead on 8th July 2009, within the area of Landhi police station. The deceased include MQM leader Hajji Jalal, 60, his sons Usman Jalal, Abdullah Jalal and a passer-by Adnan Sohail, while the injured were Ahad and Raja who were admitted with critical injuries. Jalal was elected as counsellor of Landhi 4 in 1987, and was a renowned leader of the MQM. Jalal had been detained in Central Jail Karachi for several years in the case of abduction of Pakistan Army Major Kaleem”.

MQM gangster Hajji Jalal was murdered on the road in broad daylight while Altaf Hussain was/ is in full control of Karachi? Hajji Jalal was in the inner circle of the self exiled British Citizen and London based leader of MQM Altaf Hussain. He was one of the criminals wanted in connection with the torture and kidnapping of Pakistan Army Major Kaleem and his companions.  He was killed with his two sons in suspicious circumstances and we did not see much of Altaf Hussain usual enthusiasm and performance asking for the arrest of the killers. Why no one from MQM higher command in Karachi attended his funeral and his wife allegedly blaming Altaf Hussain for the killing? He was a man with many secrets? Who ordered and benefited from his elimination? If Haji Jalal was a British citizen Scotland Yard can ask for his investigation report from the Karachi police?

MQM terrorists and criminals who were charged and convicted in Major Kaleem’s case were Altaf Hussain, Saleem Shahzad, Dr Imran Farooq with Rs 50 Laks head money, Aftab Ahmed, Ashfaq Chief, Javed Kazmi and late  Hajji Jalal, reportedly in London and frequently appear on TV screens in the meetings of inner circle of Altaf Hussain. The rest are Yousuf, Nadeem Ayubi, Ayub Shah, Ismail alias Sitara, Ashraf Zaidi in USA, Sajid Azad, Asghar Chacha, Rehan Zaidi and Safdar Baqri.

He was close ally of the self exiled leader now British asset Altaf Hussain? Then who killed him? Why MQM did not protest as they normally do and no senior leader attended his funeral? He died with lots of secrets with him? Was it an inside job? A source said that when Azeem Ahmed Tariq Chainman of the MQM was killed in his house, it was allegedly ‘Syed Mustafa Kamal former ‘mayor’ Nazim of Karachi who opened the door for the killers’.  Azeem Ahmed Tariq use to call him ‘nephew’. Well there are many mafia style skeletons in the MQM’s closet. The others who were allegedly killed as inside job after Azeem Ahmed Tariq were, Ahsan Tariq (Finance Secretary), Senator Mustafa Kamal, Dr Nishat Malik, Razaq Khan, Shahood Hasmi and Khalid bin Waleed.

There are many similarities among both the criminals Imran Farooq and Haji Jalal:

1. Both were in the inner most golden circle of the mafia
2. Both were allegedly linked with the criminal activities
3. Both were charged and convicted in Pakistan Army Major Kaleem abduction case
4. Both lived in London under British protection after claiming asylum
5. Both had disagreements with boss Altaf Hussain
6. Both killed on the road in gruesome manner
7. MQM issued no statement on Hajia Jalal and his sons killings,
8. No MQM leader attended his funeral. Why?

But in case of Imran Farooq, MQM-Altaf claimed the ‘dead man’ and re-instated his position after his death as convener of the party. Why?
Is there a policy change for image and perception of the party?

The whole family of Imran Farooq is under MQM custody as media is managed closely and Karachi based media groups are too scared even to publish the comments of his father that ‘my son was living hand to mouth modestly (while Altaf and Co are rolling in millions thanks to the curtsey of ‘tycoons of Karachi’.

In past few months Pakistan Rangers and other security agencies have arrested terrorists of MQM who confessed their involvement in ‘targeted killings’ and also receiving orders from London. The MQM assassins from South Africa are also reportedly activated and could have been used for international crimes.

It is reported that approximately 27 terrorists have been arrested who confessed their crimes including murder, extortion and ‘targeted killings’. The report prepared by the provincial Home Department in Karachi might provide clues about the master minds of Imran Farooq’s assassination. There is a possibility that Scotland Yard might want to access the report in connection with the Imran Farooq murder case as well trace the ‘hidden assets’ of this poor party, worth beyond imagination. It is reported that money transferred by illegal channels is invested in properties, restaurants, and businesses.

There is a little doubt that self exiled mafia style boss of MQM – Altaf Hussain proved to be a true asset to many stakeholders and probably to the highest bidders’. Altaf Hussain has never reportedly worked and paid any taxes since his arrival in the United Kingdom. If he has, no body knows about it.

The spin by the certain elements that Taliban could have been involved in the gruesome murder of Imran Farooq a former leader of the MQM in London sounds too far fetched? There are many active and current MQM leaders who are living and reaping the fruits of power in Pakistan. None of them is even scratched by any religious group let alone so-called criminal Taliban.

In response to an introductory comment about Imran Farooq as anti-taliban politician from the presenter of LBC London Radio, I said that, ‘taliban don’t have the capacity to do this kind of killing in London. Moreover what benefit would they get by killing a non-active and side lined MQM politician? It is not an attention seeking exercise or a joke? The whole world knows that British Police and security services would hunt them down and MQM’s taliban spin will not work’ because MQM might have some ‘political mileage’ for the British government. But surely no compromises would be made at the cost of British national security and public order.

One can describe this so called liberal and false anti-taliban stance of MQM- Altaf Hussain by connecting Imran Farooq’s killing with Taliban in the words of Lord Nelson, ‘if you can’t baffle them with brilliance than dazzle them with bullshit’

(Dr Shahid Qureshi is writer on foreign policy & security based in London)

Disclaimer views expressed in the article are not of The London Post
The London Post & Media Limited

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