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MQM – Mafia leader based in London Exporting terrorism in Karachi

By Shahid Qureshi

After the terrible mascara of innocent people in Karachi where 42 died and more than 200 injured by the armed gangs allegedly on the instructions of British citizen Altaf Hussain from his international secretariat in Edgware High Street, London.

I have done whole chapter on MQM terrorism in my up coming book ‘War on Terror and siege of Pakistan’. I think the above has a great scope of a documentary which will cover the organised crimes of the MQM and its leader i.e. Receiving Ransom Money in London from alleged kidnappings, Receiving extortion money from businessmen in London, Arms trade in South Africa, Sending assassins from South Africa to spread terrorism in Karachi and than fly back wit the help of MQM led government in Karachi, Alleged role of agencies using Altaf Hussain to blackmail leaders, Targeted killings of more than 650 police officers, who were involved in anti terror operations, he is spreading race hate by doing inflammatory speeches. In-depth investigation of MQM South African network who is dealing in arms trade allegedly. Investigation of sources of income, financial corruption. Why and how he got the British citizenship when he had 50+ cases of murder and 150 cases of kidnappings against him?


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