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MI5 declassified and released 5000 files to National Archive

(By Shahid Qureshi – London ) Moe than 100 historical files have been released by the Security Service to the National Archives at Kew area of London on 28th February 2014.

The 110 files demonstrate the breadth of the Service’s work around the time of the Second World War countering diverse threats from Russian espionage to Zionist terrorism.

The documents include the remarkable wartime story of British fascist sympathisers, or ‘Fifth Columnists’, who believed they were passing military secrets to the Nazis.

In reality they were passing the information to an MI5 agent ‘Jack King’ who was posing as a representative of the Gestapo. From today (28/02/14)  the files are available for members of the public to view. MI5 has now declassified and released more than 5,000 files to the National Archives.

In a press release The National Archives states: The National Archives has released more than a hundred Security Service files today, including never-seen-before material on the actor Michael Redgrave and the playwright JB Priestley.
This is the 30th Security Service records release and brings the total number of Security Service files in the KV series at The National Archives to 5,138.

Among the papers in this latest release are Personal Files (KV 2) on the actor Michael Redgrave. Redgrave’s file also provides interesting new details about Guy Burgess, a member of the Cambridge Five spy ring who defected to the Soviet Union and met Redgrave in Moscow while the actor was playing the part of Hamlet on stage.

Other notable files in this release include:

· five files on post-war Jewish terrorism activities in the UK, including assassination targets (KV 3/437-441)
· the remarkable wartime story of the British fascist sympathisers and ‘Fifth Columnists’ exposed by an MI5 agent posing as a representative of the Gestapo (KV 2/3800)
· files relating to Russian espionage in the USA and penetration of the Manhattan Project

A selection of files from this release has been digitised and will be available to download from our website free for one month. Professor Christopher Andrew, author of The Defence of the Realm: The Authorized History of MI5, has recorded a podcast about the new files.

For more information see:
The National Archives releases latest batch of MI5 files (The National Archives)

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