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Media is my destiny – Julia Drozd

(Exclusive Interview by Dr Shahid Qureshi in Kiev) :-

Julia Drozd is promising broadcasting journalist from Ukraine based in capital Kiev. We requested her to give an interview for our readers. She agreed from her busy schedule. Here are few questions we asked.

Please tell us about your past life, childhood and family?
I was born in the northern part of Ukraine. It’s a very picteresque place. In school I was among most successful pupils, every year I took part in regional and all-Ukrainian contests in English, Ukrainian language and literature, as wel as history. And every time I was awarded as a a finalist. My family is big and united. Although me and my parents moved to Kyiv in 2005, we keep in touch with the rest of our family very closely.

How was your schooling, education?
I enjoyed learning and was a number one student at every school or university I attended. Besides, I was both formal and informal leader in different collectives. I keep in touch with a few tutors from the university, I appreciate their friendship very much.

Please tell us about family life now?
I’m a family person. I have many relatives and this is one of the most important things that make me feel comfortable.

Julia Dorzad red

Tell us about your media work and how long you have been doing it?

I’m in journalism since 2014, when the maidan events started in Ukraine. I started as a freelance field producer for the BBC and then joined Current Time 9RFE/RL) team.

How you spend your time, and your hobbies?
I always try to widen my worldview. So, besides spending time with my friends, I love reding, watching movies (for both professional and personal growth) , travelling, attending concerts, trainings and workshops.

When and why you decided to become a media?
When I was a 2-course student at the International relations department, I felt that I need something more. I decided to try to enter the Institute of journalism. I succeeded at all three exams, and, I guess, that was a destiny.

What difficulties you faced in becoming journalist and how did you overcome those difficulties?
As any young persong, who wants to become a journalist, I felt lack of contacts and experience. But I was lucky to meet people who believe in me. They are go-to persons in the media, so when I learned something froom them, I knew for sure that was the right way to do the things. I’m passionate in my work and that’s one of the main things that keep me moving forwrd.

Please tell us about your success stories?
I think they are yet to come, but all my reports that became top stories on our media can be considered success. People watch it and read it, and my reports sometimes made the authorities react. That means me and my colleagues are successful.

What advice you will give to young people and new comers ?
Love your audience, treat it as a child: consider its requests but dont forget to give people what they need to know. Do it honestly. Don’t be afraid to make a mistake, accept it if you’re wrong and never miss a chance to learn from more experienced people. Be pasionate but keep your head cool.

What are future plans?
To become a successful wife and mom. Keep working in the media, trying new formats and widening my experience.

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