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Maqbool Hussain Soldier 335139 Reporting Sir

By Dr Shahid Qureshi ; –

Soldiering is an honorable profession and not a job. People who join as soldier sign their death warrant with no insurance policy. This is a story of a soldier of Pakistan army who fight with the enemy for 40 years from 1965 to 2005 although war was over in 17 days but his fight continued.

On 17th September 2005 Indian at officials at Wagha Pakistan-India border handed over a bunch of Pakistani prisoners to Pakistan. There were different prisoners who might have crossed the border by mistake or fishermen etc.  Each of the prisoners had some belongings in their hands. Among them was a 65 years old man who had nothing in his hands. He was like a bony skeleton was bent like and arch and his tongue was cut by the Indian Army because he refused to abuse Pakistan. (Pakistan murda bad – death to Pakistan). He was carrying his tortured body and living example of treatment of the Indian Army to the POWs.  This man has a strange spark in his eyes.

maqool with gen kiyani
Maqbool Hussain with General Ashfaq Kiyani

After the initial paper work completed by the officials at the border people left for their homes but this man who could not talk after great struggle reached his AK Regiment and made a claim about himself. He was presented to the commander. He saluted the commander and wrote on a piece of paper “soldier Maqbool Hussain number: 335139 reporting on duty Sir”.

His record was searched and relatives were traced. He was soldier Maqbool Hussain a war hero of 1965 and now he was saluted by from a soldier to the army chief.

He was returning from after a successful mission ‘destroying enemy arms depo’ under the command of Captain Sher. He had his wireless set on his back when he was seriously injured while fighting with the enemy. He was detained by the Indian army as POW and was put in 4×4 feet cage. He was tortured and punished. He was declared mental by the prison guards because he refused to denounce his country Pakistan in enemy territory.

He spent 40 years of his life in enemy prison cell of 4×4 but refused to Surrender.

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