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Majority opposed to ‘queen Camilla’

More than half of the public do not want the Duchess of Cornwall to become queen.

A poll for the Daily Mail revealed that if the Prince of Wales succeeds to the throne, 55% of the British public would not want to see Camilla become queen.

The nation is also divided on whether Charles should become king at all, with only 43% believing he should ascend to the throne, while a similar number feel he should make way for his eldest son William.

The poll revealed that 67-year-old Camilla, who was once reviled as the woman whose affair with Charles destroyed his marriage to Diana, is still among the least popular members of the royal family.

She is, however, more popular than she was at the time of her wedding to Charles in April 2005 when 73% of the public opposed her becoming queen – 15% now say that the marriage strengthened the royal family.

But the poll also found that she is no longer seen as the main reason for why Charles’s marriage to Diana broke up, with the Prince himself held to blame by 39%, followed by Diana on 13% and Camilla on 12%.

Meanwhile William and Harry were found to be the most popular royals, closely followed by the Queen and the Duchess of Cambridge.

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