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LUBP Sectarian Criminal Ali Abbas Taj so called editor

After investigations and various complaints by this website we cam confirm that LUBP is run by sectarian criminals and hate speech promoters.

With fake names and aliases running LUBP website is full of hate material against various Muslim groups in Pakistan. The overall tone of LUBP is anti Sunni sectarian and pro Shia some times projects as pro Qadiyanis. But these are hallmarks of RAW.

Ali Abbas Taj the so-called editor of the LUBP from 2013 is based in the USA is a Sunni hating creature. All the website is full of material against the Deobandis – Sunnis.

ali abbas taj2 https://www.facebook.com/aliabbastaj?fref=ts

 A Shia scholar said this website is run by anti Muslims who are not Sunnis nor Shia but the agents of RAW.

How is it possible that some one who claims to be lover of Ahl e bait but loves Qadiyanis at the same times. In fact these are agents of terrorist groups involved in terrorist activities in Pakistan in the disguise of pro Pakistan peacemakers. They are agents of Black Water, Xe and RAW.


 Who is Abdul Nisha Puri?

LUBP is run by sectarian criminals of Asif Zardari mafia who hiding behind fake aliases like ‘Abdul Nishapuri’ and Sarah Khan. They are hiding behind the fake names but using other peoples name to justify their credibility.

There posts are fake names. If they were credible they would put their real identities on their site. They are bunch of criminals involved in immigration frauds in the US. That information about the activities of this website has been forwarded to the USA authorities by the senior journalists based in Washington. The US federal authorities are closely watching their sectarian activities and assured that they will nab them at the right time.

According to his face book page. He studied in University of Karachi, worked in JANG Group and lives in Turkey.


Two senior journalists Dr Shahid Qureshi in London and Syed Adeeb in Washington instructed their legal teams to further investigate this criminal group.



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