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Saturday, January 22, 2022
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LUBP is run by anti Pakistan Sectarian Criminals and Drug Mafia

Who is Abdul Nisha Puri?


LUBP is run by sectarian criminals of Asif Zardari mafia who are hiding behind fake aliases like ‘Abdul Nishapuri’ and Sarah Khan. They are hiding behind the fake names but using other peoples name to justify their credibility.

There posts are fake names. If they were credible they would put their real identities on their site. They are bunch of criminals involved in immigration frauds in the US. That information about the activities of this website has been forwarded to the USA authorities by the senior journalists based in Washington. The US federal authorities are closely watching their sectarian activities and assured that they will nab them at the right time.

According to his face book page. He studied in University of Karachi, worked in JANG Group and lives in Turkey.


Two senior journalists Dr Shahid Qureshi in London and Syed Adeeb in Washington instructed their legal teams to further investigate this criminal group.

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