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Lisa Snowdon’s breakfast routine

We all have different time pressures and routines in the morning in order to get the day started, but how many of us prioritise breakfast as part of our routine? Researchshows that nearly four in 10 of us regularly skip breakfast, with many of us checking emails and logging on to Facebook and Twitter, leaving us too short of time to eat breakfast.

One person who knows more than most the importance of a good start to the day, is breakfast radio DJ, model and TV presenter Lisa Snowdon. Used to dealing with early mornings, long days and public appearances, Lisa tells us how she fits breakfast into her morning routine and shares some of her other good morning habits.

Always start the day with breakfast

“Having breakfast helps you to start the day right. I get up at 4.45am, which means that I don’t often feel like eating straight away, but I know that I’ll start to get hungry on my way to work. So all I do is pop a packet of Belvita Breakfast biscuits and a piece of fruit in my bag before I leave the house. They come in 12 delicious flavours and they’re great to carry around so I’m not tempted by anything unhealthy.

“Then when I get to the studio, I grab a skinny latte to have with my Belvita and fruit, making sure that I can enjoy a balanced breakfast that gives me energy for the whole morning.”2


“Exercise makes me feel really good but it can be difficult to keep motivated. I do simple things such as take my gym bag to the studio and make sure I head straight there after the show finishes. I set myself small personal goals that I know I can achieve, for example if I’ve got a party to go to, I’ll focus on toning up so I will look and feel great in my dress.”

Get plenty of sleep

“My job means that I need to make sure I’ve got enough energy to wake the nation up every morning. If I don’t have lots of sleep, I feel really grouchy, making it much harder to get through the day. This is a tough one to do but I have to be quite strict with myself and ensure that I say yes to the right things and allow myself time to get eight hours’ sleep a night.”

Advice from a nutrition expert

Leading nutritionist Fiona Hunter says: “If you haven’t got time or simply can’t face eating anything first thing in the morning, at least have something to drink and, as Lisa does, take something convenient with you to eat at your desk or wherever you’re going. Look for something that gives you a balance of nutrients, something that provides slow release carbohydrates and contains fibre and wholegrain. Breakfast should also consist of one portion of fruit and a serving of dairy.”

Biscuits specially designed for breakfast3

Belvita Breakfast are proven to slowly release carbohydrates over four hours when eaten as part of a balanced breakfast.4 Made with wholegrain, rich in cereals, a source of fibre and containing a selection of vitamins and minerals, Belvita Breakfast biscuits are a tasty and convenient option for those who struggle to fit breakfast into their morning routine. Available in 12 delicious varieties, why not try the new Apricot Duo Crunch flavour, consisting of two tasty breakfast biscuits with a deliciously fruity apricot centre and a creamy live yoghurt filling. The biscuits are individually wrapped in portion packs and are great whether on the go, at the office or at home, meaning you can enjoy Belvita Breakfast your own way.

Belvita Breakfast Biscuits (© Belvita)


1 Research conducted by Onepoll, 2,000 adults, March 2013

2 Proven in several clinical trials when eaten as part of a balanced breakfast, ie with a portion of fruit and dairy

3 Belvita Breakfast slowly releases carbohydrates over four hours as part of a balanced breakfast, ie with a portion of fruit and dairy

4 Proven in several clinical trials when eaten as part of a balanced breakfast, ie with a portion of fruit and dairy

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