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Leasing of Karachi Harbour Berths to APL: A key link to 9/11 and Terrorism

By Tariq Majeed : –

Weapons said to be Stolen from NATO Containers as reported in Dawn, 12 March 2015, ‘Sindh Rangers raided Mutahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) headquarter in Azizabad, Karachi, early on 11 March, detained several people including a convicted murderer of a journalist and seized a large quantity of arms and ammunition…Col Tahir Mehmood of Rangers told reporters that “some of the weapons seized during the raid were those whose import was banned in the country. I think some of the weapons might have been stolen from NATO containers.”’

The US State Department was quick to respond. Dawn, 13 March, reported, ‘it sent out two tweets, rejecting the claim.’ “For general information: The United States and Isaf [International Security Assistance Force] have never used the Karachi port to transport weapons/explosives,” said the first tweet.’

‘In the second tweet, the State Department rejected the suggestion that weapons or explosives found at Nine Zero could have come from Nato containers’. “Since there exists a strict and effective system for transporting weapons around the world, such incidents are impossible,” it said.

Neo-Cons Control US Administration

Such denial was in keeping with the standard practice of hegemonic powers of concealing the facts of their subversive intervention in target states to pursue their clandestine strategic aims. The pro-Israel Neo-Conservatives (Neo-Cons), who control US Administration as well as the mainstream Media, are masters in the art of deceit and deception and falsification of facts.

They make US policies in the interests of Israel/Zionism, not those of the United States. The policies are framed and publicized under deeply deceptive cover stories. Besides, they are usually made far in advance of their fruition. As such, their real motives cannot be gauged, unless one has some idea of the nature of Zionism and the goals of its global designs.

Aims of US Invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq were Hidden

Two conspicuous recent examples, among many others, are the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq, following the 9/11 attacks. These were clearly against the US national interest, but were meant to implement the Israeli/Zionist schemes against several Muslim countries, besides the two main victims. The aims of the schemes were achieved.

But, what to speak of the world at large, even the devastated victim states and the neighbouring states,  despite suffering severe harm, have remained ignorant of what lay behind the invasions! Misled by the cunningly crafted American propaganda, the ruling elite and the other influential circles in these countries believe the propagandist line that the US has lost the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Yes, the US has lost; but Israel and the Zionists have won—as planned.

Nature of Neo-Cons and their Policies must be Studied

Considerable literature on the Zionist nature of the Neo-Cons and their policies has been available in print and on the Internet. Just the following few books offer enough insight into this matter:

a.Paul Findley. They Dare to Speak Out–People and Institutions Confront Israel’s Lobby, Lawrence Hill & Co, Westport, 1985.
b. John J. Mearsheimer and Stephen M. Walt. The Israel Lobby—and US Foreign Policy, Penguin Books, London, 2007.
c.Stephen J. Sniegoski.  The Transparent Cabal, the   Neoconservative Agenda, War in the Middle East, and the National Interest of Israel, Enigma Editions, Norfolk, Virginia,  2008.

These facts have been highlighted, because this knowledge is essential for understanding the subversive strategic schemes the United States is pursuing around the world, more so in the Muslim countries. It is only by grasping these facts that one comes to understand why the US is so hostile to Pakistan and why it is waging a planned war against our country through dreadful terrorism and subversion. Policymakers must know these facts.

Network of Terrorists, Saboteurs and Supply-Line

Terrorism and subversion are being used both as strategies and weapons of war, and the scope of their operations is literally unlimited. The operations are carried out and supported by a vast network of trained terrorists and saboteurs and logistical supply-lines—in which the Karachi Harbour Berths leased to an Israeli-American shipping company, APL, play a key role.

Leasing of the Berths

The Leasing issue was kept hidden from the public till its finalization and, most probably, the signing of the ‘concession’ Agreement. Relevant websites provide a mixed bag of Information.

“Karachi Port Trust leased out berths 22 to 24 to M/s. American President Line (APL) a USA based firm in joint venture with International Container Terminal Philippines to develop a modern container terminal. The joint venture firms formed Karachi International Container Terminal (KICT). KICT appointed APL to arrange design and construction of the terminal. 1

“APL is a unit of Singapore-based Neptune Orient Lines, a global logistics and transportation company.2 The KICT has been in operation since 1998. Work on it had started on 6/1/1996.3      The Administration Building is along Berths 26-30, West Wharf.

“Subsequent to the signing of the concession agreement by the international project sponsors with Karachi Port Trust (KPT) in June 1996, KICT was formed as the Terminal Operating Company with the object of setting up a common user dedicated international container terminal on the Berths 28 to 30 at West Wharf on a build, operate and transfer (BOT) basis. The terminal has since been expanded to Berth Nos. 26, 27, 28, 29 and 30.4

“KICT is a member of the Hutchison Port Holdings (HPH) Group, a subsidiary of the multinational conglomerate Hutchison Whampoa Limited.5

Israel’s Economic Hold over Singapore

Singapore-based APL’s links with Israel is a disturbing feature of this shipping line commanding unrestricted and exclusive use of 5 Berths of Karachi Harbour. “APL has a strong presence and an extensive network in Israeli ports.” 6 A brief look at Singapore-Israel close relations is instructive:

“Almost 200 Israeli firms are active in Singapore. Israeli Venture Capital (VC) Funds attract most of the local interest. The close ties between the Israeli hi-tech industry and Singaporean investors began in 1996, when Israeli government established Vertex as a partnership between the State of Israel and Israeli VC Fund, World Vertex, which is based in Singapore.

“Singapore`s investments in Israel are primarily strategic. Till now, some 6,000 international companies have set up their regional headquarters in Singapore, and this small country hopes that via its investments in VC funds, it will attract hundreds of additional startups from Israel.” 7

Pakistan’s Bitter Experience of Singapore Firms

Israel exerts strong political influence on Singapore through its financial power and the Zionist Lobby, from among Singapore’s Jewish community. Our country was badly stung by the Port of Singapore Authority International and its subsidiary, Concession Holding Company, with which a 40-year lease agreement was signed on 5 Feb 2007 for operating and managing Gwadar Port. After suffering much damage and realizing the Singapore group was stalling the work, Pakistan annulled the agreement and made a contract on 18 Feb 2013 with China Overseas Port Holding Company, for construction and operation of Gwadar. It should be mentioned that Shaukat Aziz, prime minister at the time and a planted agent of Neo-Cons, was the main culprit in engaging the Singapore group, but Pervez Musharraf, the president, was also a part of the shady deal.

Agreement Transferred and Extended

KPT’s Agreement with APL/KICT, said to be for 3 Berths, 22, 23, 24, and for a period of 25 years, later underwent changes. It got transferred from APL to HPH and the number of Berths changed to 5 i.e, Nos. 26 to 30. KPT sources say its period has been extended by 21 years, ie, to the year 2042. Reportedly, HPH is fully ‘autonomous’ in the area under its control, which it has walled and made into an exclusive enclosure. This ‘autonomous area’ is adjacent to Pakistan Navy’s Main Base housing almost all the fighting units, the dockyard and other naval assets.

National Security was Overlooked

Giving full control over 5 West Wharf Berths, and so close to the country’s crucially important Naval Base, to a foreign shipping firm was a grave violation of the set parameters of the country’s security. In 1996, Benazir Bhutto was the prime minister, Admiral Mansurul Haq was the naval chief and Rear Admiral Akbar Hussain Khan was the chairman KPT. Did the navy or the other concerned military and civil authorities oppose the ‘concession agreement’ and its terms which endanger national security? And, does the ‘agreement’ mention the wartime regulation of Pakistan Navy assuming direct control of all ports and shipping?

We don’t know. However, the ‘concession agreement’ needs to be thoroughly re-examined in light of the Terrorists operating in our country and getting weapons from the US/NATO Containers arriving at the Leased Berths.

Missing Containers Carried Weapons

According to Dawn, Aug 01, 2014, “Many scandals were reported about large number of missing (Afghan Transit Trade) ATT containers, most of them alleged to have never crossed the Pakistan-Afghanistan border and were either unloaded within the city jurisdiction or elsewhere in the country.”   Investigations were ordered separately by the Ministry of Ports and Shipping and the Supreme Court, while the latter also “directed Rangers and police personnel to report how many of the missing containers carried weapons and ammunition.” 8

There can be no doubt that some of the containers arriving by ships at the Leased Berths contained arms and ammunition. These were clandestinely passed on to the terror gangs operating in Pakistan. Keep it in mind that the Rangers would never have made such a serious allegation, as quoted at the beginning of this paper, unless they had solid proof for it.

Undeniable Proof of the Originators of 9/11 Attacks

Acquisition of Karachi Harbour Berths by an American-Israeli shipping company was an integral part of the Scheme of 9/11 Attacks that included US-NATO forces invading Afghanistan and setting off prolonged Terrorism in Afghanistan and Pakistan. The Berths, along with control over the Berthing Area, were acquired and equipped for handling the chain of Containers bringing supplies for both invaders and terror groups. This vital requirement had been met by 1998, when no one had the faintest idea of the Air Attacks that were to be unleashed on 11 Sept 2001.

Many American analysts have concluded with irrefutable proofs that the 9/11 Attacks were perpetrated by a powerful rogue group within America. Acquisition of Karachi Harbour Berths, years before 9/11, even by itself proves that conclusion. These facts should be  the basis of anti-terror policies and measures in Pakistan, to win the battle against the foreign-controlled Terrorists and Saboteurs.



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(The writer is an analyst of 9/11 and the global power struggle)

Disclaimer: Views expressed are not of The London Post


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