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Kissing The Wolves: Forget The Northen Lights, Norway’s North Is Unmissable

What else can you do in Norway if the Aurora Borealis fail to make an appearance? Our travel editor headed to the Norwegian Arctic Circle to discover it’s so much more than the dancing green lights

Kneeling on snow wearing a boiler suit, with arms folded, eyes closed and camera carefully stowed I could feel rather than see the pack of giant wolves circling.

One approached, I could feel warm breath on my face, then the tickle of a tongue. I was being welcomed to the pack with a full on wolf snog. I was in love.

I kissed a wolf and I liked it… (Yahoo/KHS)

Planning my trip to North Norway, I assumed the glittering green lightshow of the Aurora Borealis would be the key event, but though most of us will be drawn upwards for it, the Northern Lights are far from a guarantee.

And when I spent some time in Norway’s northern cities Narvik and Tromso, I realised I could happily leave without catching a glimpse. (Which, as it turned out, was a good job!)

The place: Inside the Arctic Circle, Northern Norway is an other-wordly palce of snow-covered mountains, brilliant icy blue fjords, glittering sunsets and Miyazaki landscapes. Every time I opened my eyes I wanted to take a photo. Every photo I took I wanted to Instagram.

The vibe: Nature-loving, active and winter-weather practical. Think thermals, snow boots, pink cheeks, and acres of glittering, untouched snow inviting you to dive in.

By Kim Hookem-Smith

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