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Kim Barker: “Nawaz Sharif offered to buy me a phone that ISI couldn’t listen”

(London Post Report): –

In an interview with a media group Kim Barker stated: ‘I was calling Nawaz Sharif for comments for other correspondents and journalists’. She said: I called him after the Mumbai attacks because the only survivor ‘Ajmal Kasab’ was from his Punjab province.

She said: ‘Nawaz Sharif wanted to buy me an I-Phone which ISI could not listen’.  She said: Nawaz Sharif told me that: I (cannot be your special friend) because I am not tall and I am fat and ugly. He (Nawaz Sharif) sent the translator out of the room. He didn’t need an interpreter but I took him as someone else to be in with me my room’.

Link to Kim Barker interview:

She said: I met him after the death of Benazir Bhutto in December 2008.

It was Nawaz Sharif who confirmed the identity of the Ajmal Kasab sole survivor of the Mumbai Attacks and later hanged in Delhi. Interestingly former Inspector General of Police – Maharashtra (Mumbai) claimed in a video speech that Ajmal Kassab was already with the Indian intelligence long before the Mumbai Attacks’.  Ajmal Kasab was in the agency ‘Stock’.

Link to Inspector General Mumbai Police


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