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Killing Pakistan Softly

By Dr Shahid Qureshi: – 

The so called friends of Pakistan are working on the policy of killing softly and slowly. Pakistan is facing more danger from insiders than outsiders. The failure to understand the risks to Pakistan’s economy and agriculture from economic terrorism and Indian plan of water bombing is very concerning. Global warming is also a security issue? So why is it so difficult for the westernised and educated politicians that ‘Dams don’t use water they just store’?

The coming months would be very hard for the poor people of Pakistan especially government employees and low income.  Spooks from international financial institutions have been working on the agenda of eroding Pakistan from inside. Shaukat Aziz has done his job by ruining Pakistan’s economic base and signing one-sided harmful agreements? The question is if fruits of his successful economic policies have not reached the poorest than they were fundamentally flawed and he acted as an international mafia agent? The so-called emerging middle class has failed the affordability test and families are suffering and being suffocated. More than Rs.150 billion loans have been written off, sugar, stock market, wheat and land mafia seems to be running the country. Shadowy architect of Bangladesh, Qadyani economic wizard MM Ahmad another World Bank /IMF spook devalued Pakistan’s currency 120% in 1970s, of which it has not recovered after 37 years.

So plan seems to be simple crippling Pakistan economically then forcing to denuclearise and then disintegrate? Experts say, ‘Pakistan must dismantle mafia groups on war footings, counter corruption and make people friendly economic policies, subsidise oil, wheat, sugar and everyday use commodities because that is the only way to stop further alienation, de-nuclearisation and disintegration of Pakistan. No army or nuclear weapons can counter economic terrorism but do become direct targets.

What is making US so suspicious and paranoid about Pakistan when it has a long list of friends in the Pakistani establishment and political circles with compromising interests starting from dual nationality holder serving and former ministers, senators, diplomats, technocrats and so on? Is it lack of trust or something else may be a hidden agenda, a bigger picture nobody knows about?

160 million people of Pakistan are progressive, moderates and would love to have a trip to US and Europe. There was a time when Pakistanis could go to West and US and get visa on arrival. The US and West should grant scholarships and long term working visas to people from Wazirstan, Swat and Tribal areas because economy and poverty elevation win hearts and minds faster than bullets and bombs. They would have won hearts and minds had they spend half the price of bombs and bullets on the people in Afghanistan and Pakistan’s tribal areas.

The reason people in Pakistan and especially in the North ask for imposition of ‘Sharia Law’ is because it is cheap and swift. Pakistani people cannot afford lawyers fees and years of litigation. Pakistan’s friends should help in judicial reforms at grass root level because injustices create extremists and angry terrorists.

Only few years ago Mujahidin commanders were trained by the British SAS in Scotland to fight against the Soviets in Afghanistan armed by the United States. Millions lost their lives in the name of Jihad against the soviet infidels. Pakistan become the frontline state in this US sponsored jihad and also the victim of terrorism, not to mention three million Afghan refugees moved to this side of the border. More than 2 million are still in Pakistan and constant burden on Pakistan’s economy. If the world has changed so should Pakistan?

Military, Mullahas, Madrassas, Minorities, and Media of Pakistan are the new targets and tools of the international players and architects of the so-called dodgy war on terror. According to reports international mafia, smugglers and agencies have invested in Pakistani media, as it invested in establishing Madrassas? Newly emerging electronic media and journalists are quite vulnerable at the moment. Most of the anchors are borrowed from the print media and have very little or no international media experience and exposure. These extra ordinarily high paid anchors sit in front of the camera and do not more than ‘he said, she said’ according to a senior journalist.

Some Pakistani owned media groups and channels operating in London are paying disgracefully less than the cleaners on the London Underground to their journalists?  The owners of these groups are of the view that these journalists are not more than pen pushers and narrators or translators from the English media, so why should they pay according to British rates? I asked Senator and former information minister Tariq Azim at RUSI (Royal United Strategic Studies Institute), ‘what have you done about the wage board award and benefits of journalists and media persons? He said, ‘I have met journalist who did not get paid for months’!

Pakistan is still mushroomed with deep rooted and compromised collaborators with visible conflict of interests even after 60 years of independence. The so called elite of Pakistan are now calling itself civil society? I have not seen any society which is not civil. Some of its members are popular in Pakistan bashing and allegedly receive funds for their NGOs etc. Dr Pervez Hoodbhoy an Islamabad based physicist member of a minority group was lecturing on secularism and trying to prove that MA Jinnah was secularist and wanted Pakistan to be a secular state on a private channel?

‘Pakistan should never have tested nuclear bombs and put all the nuclear material in front of the international community to prove that we are capable of producing nuclear bombs’ said Dr. Hoodbhoy at a lecture organised by Jinnah Institute in London. I don’t know which planet was he talking from? Freedom of speech is one thing but why these apologists are allowed to pass misleading comments on media and over exposure is a million-dollar question? Pakistan has become strange country where every one is doing and commenting on which they are not trained to, surgeons, physicians, bureaucrats and diplomats are acting as media experts, sports experts, politicians are opposing constructions of dams, without realising that their actions are supporting Indian plan to dry out Pakistan with the water bomb and attacking with economic bombs.

Everything from media groups to political parties all are being run like inherited empires ignoring the merit and professionalism. An election between corrupt and compromised is not more than a joke with 160 million people of Pakistan? Pakistan seems to be encircled by the organised minorities with foreign agenda, corrupt politicians, and mafia of business interests? The new international agenda on Islam and Muslims seem to be is ‘if you cannot convince them then confuse them’?

Published: 27th December 2007 – Independent Centre for International for Strategic Studies and Analysis – Canada

(Dr Shahid Qureshi is London based senior investigative journalist and writer on international terrorism, security, and foreign policy)

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