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Kazakhstan’s Nazarbayev presented 3D vision in China to deal with Economic and Political Challenges

(Beijing – BRI Forum): –

The Leader of the Nation pointed out the rise of competitiveness at inter-regional level and highlighted the importance of ensuring cyber- and communication security, Kazinform reports citing the press service of the First President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev called the international community to unite to solve the global problems of mankind. “Located in the very heart of our vast continent, Kazakhstan will always stand for closer partnership within Eurasia.

Our foreign policy doctrine aims at multilateral cooperation and joint development, confidence building and security,” he said. The First President of Kazakhstan reminded of the country’s achievements in nuclear disarmament and countering proliferation of mass destruction weapons. “We are ready to further take measures to form global architecture which would help solve pressing challenges in geopolitics and geo-economy.

In my opinion, this can be achieved by creation of a 3D reality, which means that we need to build Three Dialogues,” said Nazarbayev.

According to him, the first dialogue will be a global one – this is the dialogue between the U.S., Russia, China and the EU. “The second dialogue is required at the level of Eurasia in order to unite the potentials of the CICA (The Conference on Confidence-Building Measures in Asia) and the OSCE (The Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe),” he noted.

And the third dialogue is a system-wide economic dialogue between the Eurasian Economic Union, the European Union, the Shanghai Cooperation Organization and the ASEAN. “Development of economic cooperation in this format will enable to give a strong impulse to the development of our countries and improving well-being of our citizens.

Secondly, it will allow creating new sources of diversification, improving business climate and investment attractiveness of the countries.

Thirdly, the global role of the Big Eurasia will increase,” he stressed. Upon conclusion, the Leader of the Nation said that the launch of these Three Dialogues meets common interests of all the Forum participants and stressed the need to form interconnections for the sustainable future of united Eurasia.

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