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‘Justice for Bilal Khan’ UN Demands – 56 murders in six months, Islamabad Police incompetence Exposed

(By Special Correspondent): –

United Nations demanded the full investigations of the murder of young journalist Bilal Khan. On 16 June 2019, he was brutally stabbed 16 times before shooting him dead. The killers called him on his phone to come over and killed him and injured his cousin who was with him. Bilal Khan was against hate speech and violent extremism of Indo-Iran terrorist network operating in Pakistan especially in Gilgit Baltistan.

In past 6-month 56 people murders, 145 rapes, 463 theft, burglary, 104 car theft and 144 motorcycle stolen reported in 22 police stations of the capital Islamabad. Safe city CCTV camera, security check posts and ISI, IB and others own networks. The perception of being in safe hands has been shattered. Time for people to wake otherwise Islamabad police will sell you all to the mafias and terrorists for money. We will expose the ‘posting transfer’ bribery price list of each police station in the capital.

Bilal Khan was one of the most loyal and patriotic journalists in Pakistan fighting all kinds of challenges coming from Indo-Iran networks as well as old British colonial loyalist groups. He would never divide his loyalty to another country no matter his faith unlike some ‘hypocrite’, who would risk national interests for their so-called faith.

It is high time to catch the killers of Bilal Khan using all the available resources. His murder exposed the security of the capital city Islamabad and it is time to build the confidence of the people and international community based in various embassies and missions.

Pakistan just had a family station status back from the United Nations.

International journalists condemned the brutal killing of Bilal Khan and incompetence of Islamabad police to arrest the killers. Journalists vowed to continue the campaign until killers are brought to justice.

“A soldier’s trust depends on how General value him and find solution to his problems with no excuse’.


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