Javeed Latif video-Disgraced Politician of Pakistan

Murad Saeed MNA (PTI) and Javeed Latif MNA (PML-N)

(Islamabad – London Post): –   Real face of Pakistani politics was revealed yesterday when Javeed Latif MNA of ruling PML-N suggested in a press conference outside the parliament of Pakistan in Islamabad that: “two younger sisters of Murad Saeed MNA of (PTI) opposition party are visiting Imran Khan. His insinuation was that they are having illicit affair with the PTI leader Imran Khan.

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Javed Latif is Using Vulgar Language Against the Sisters of Murad Saeed

It was reported that following Pashtun traditions tribe of Murad Seed called in Jirga to respond this abusive and disgraceful behaviour.

“Some members of the PTI have also seen talking about the illicit affair of Maryam Nawaz with an army officer Captain Safdar who was her father Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s PSO in the 1990s. Nawaz Sharif did not attend his daughter’s wedding with Captain Safdar later on and was remain unhappy with the situation”. Nawaz Sharif and his family is perceived as very religious.