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Israel Used Canadian Passports for Murder – Israeli Friendly Fires

By Dr Shahid Qureshi :- 

There’s an old joke about the president of the United States. Waiting outside his office to greet him is the pope of Rome and the chief rabbi of the Israelis. “Which one should I send in first?” an aide asks. “Send the pope in first,” the president replies. “I’ll only have to kiss his ring.”

Even when Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu is caught red-handed ordering the murder of Arab leader Khaled Mashaal in Jordan, the U.S. media will not describe it as a terrorist act, but rather part of the “fight against terrorism.”

This is how Netanyahu’s spin-doctor, “image adviser” Arthur Finkelsteinwants the American news agencies to report the attempted assassination and U.S. media executives have complied. It’s not just presidents who must kiss Jewish posteriors. The Fourth Estate’s fearless feature-writers must pucker up too wrote, Michael A. Hoffman II in his Commentary ‘When is Terror Not Terror’?

A government which rules by assassination is generally regarded as barbaric. But even when Jewish secret agents squirt poison in the ear of an Arab in Amman the way their forebears in Murder, Inc. rammed ice-picks into wise guys in Brooklyn, somehow it still doesn’t qualify as terrorism. Said James Rubin of the U.S. State Department, “We are not in the habit of second-guessing Israel when it comes to her security.”

Squirting poison (Zyklon B perhaps?) in the ear of an Arab leader is not going to enhance Jewish security. In the eyes of everyone not dwelling in Zionist Wonderland, government assassination is gangsterism, not statesmanship.

When is terror not terror then? Why, when the Jews do it, of course. The Israelis are not only masters of the double-cross, but the double-standard. Perhaps we should call their murders, (if the phrase has not already been coined by some ambitious pundit with an eye on a Pulitzer), “deterrent retribution.”

It’s too bad King Hussein released the Mossad agents responsible for the assassination attempt. What a trial their prosecution would have made. The victim’s account, the strange weapon, their high-level orders–the whole testimony might even have awakened some Americans.

But instead the American people, the ones with the chapped lips, must continue to apply them to Bibi’s backside and chant as they do so, “Terror is not terror when your Lordship commits it.” There was a time, not so long ago, when Americans objected to the deference the pope required.

Canada has lately become the fiefdom of the Belzbergs and the Bronfmans, billionaire Zionist furniture and liquor merchants who have been able to mold Canadian intelligence and the legislature to their imprint. Anti-Zionist books and tapes are seized by Canadian customs and destroyed. I ought to know. “The Great Holocaust Trial” by Michael A. Hoffman II is banned in Canada.

Journalists like Doug Collins and publishers such as Ernst Zündel are routinely put on trial, sometimes–in Mr. Zündel’s case–almost perpetually. Libertarian attorneys like British Columbia barrister Doug Chritie must constantly fight for their right to represent dissidents. Pro-Jewish Red and anarchist terrorists in Canada, as documented by Mr. Zündel’s research team, are immune from prosecution.

Now information has come to the fore suggesting that the Mossad, (the Israeli secret service), has had assistance from the government of Canadian the attempted murder? Norman Spector, Canada ‘s former ambassador to Israel , recently stated that Ottawa might have cooperated with Mossad in providing false passports to Israeli agents for use in the murder attempt.

Canada’s Foreign Affairs Minister Lloyd Axworthy said the passports were forged. Supposedly Ottawa is “too clean” to plot murder but they have consistently protected two anarchist activists who sent a pipe bomb to Ernst Zündel in Toronto and they have refused to adequately investigate the arson which destroyed Zündel’s Victorian home and office in 1995.

One of the names on the passports — Shawn Kendall — is that of a Canadian who works for a Jewish charity in Tel Aviv. Kendall claims to have been “trapped in an unfortunate situation.”

The Israelis have used forged Canadian documents for assassination operations before. Former Mossad agent Victor Ostrovsky said that while serving with Mossad he saw many genuine Canadian passports that may have been “donated” to the Israeli government by Jewish-Canadians.

Canadian passports were favoured for Mossad operations because Ottawa would not take a hard line with Israel if a passport operation was blown, Mr. Ostrovsky said. A Mossad agent carried a Canadian passport when she helped murder a Moroccan in Norway in 1973, in an Israeli assassination that was intended for a Palestinian.

On Sept. 25th , 1997 two Jews carrying Canadian passports were captured by the bodyguards of Khaled Meshal, an activist with Hamas. Mr. Meshal had been attacked with a high tech device that Jordanian authorities believe was intended to poison him. Meshal said he had been “hit by an electric shock” when the attempt on his life was made in Amman.

He said he had just got out of his car to enter his office Sept. 25 at 10:15 a.m., when he was attacked by two people. He said: “They looked like foreigners, not Arabs. From our experience, they looked like Israeli Jews. They used a newly developed device, which I did not see, but my escort saw.

“I was hit next to my left ear. At that moment I realised there was an assassination attempt without resorting to gunshots. I felt a ringing in my left ear. I had shivers, and something that felt like an electric shock running through my body.”

One of Mr Meshal’s two bodyguards chased the would-be assassins, who fled in a rental car. The Jews, posing as Canadian tourists, were eventually cornered and, after a street brawl, captured by the Jordanian police.

Mr Meshal was driven to a hospital: “I was throwing up and lost my sense of balance,” he said. Doctors placed him on a ventilator to ease his breathing problems. “Whether it was an electrocution, or poisoning, is still unclear,” he added.

Mr Meshal declined to confirm Jordanian reports that he was eventually treated with an antidote obtained by King Hussein from the Israelis. He declared: “God is the one who saved me. He who believes in God, in His cause and His truth is capable of standing up to the greatest power.”

Mr Meshal, 41, a father of seven, is an obscure figure in the Hamas movement. He became more active in Hamas after the arrest of his friend, Mousa Abu Marzouk, on order of Bill Clinton in the U.S. in 1996.

Commenting on Mossad’s failure, he said: “The Mossad.. is made up of people who do not have right on their side and lack the will to succeed. The Mossad infrastructure is breaking apart…”

He said the reason for Hamas’s success was that “our young people are ready to die, while the Mossad agents run away from death. I can die. But if I die it is an honor. It is martyrdom.”

(At first, few people took seriously Hamas’ claim that Mossad tried to kill Mr Meshal. The U.S. news media, especially the Zionist-controlled N.Y. Times, have downplayed the story [as of Oct. 4, 1997], although they will undoubtedly be forced to report it at greater length in the days ahead, so that they can put their spin on it and exculpate the Israelis of state terrorism.

Indeed, on the night of Sept. 28 Netanyahu himself had secretly come to Amman, three days after the Mossad assassination attempt, with aides Yitzhak Mordechai and war criminal Ariel Sharon. King Hussein refused to meet with Netanyahu, and sent Crown Prince Hassan instead. Sharon subsequently returned to seal the exchange of Hamas founder recently assassinated Sheik Yassin for the captured Mossad agents, thus sparing the Israelis the international embarrassment of a trial of two Jewish assassins).

After their arrest, the two Mossad agents refused Canadian consular assistance. A third Jew, believed to be an accomplice, was not apprehended. He, too, had a Canadian passport when he checked into a hotel in the Jordanian capital.

The Jordanian police say the Canadian passports were in the names of Shawn Kendall, 28, and Barry Beads, 36.

The new diplomatic furore threatened to revive a bitter dispute over Mossad men using false Canadian documents prompted by the publication in 1990 of the memoirs of the Canadian-born Ostrovsky, which the Israelis tried to get banned in Canada and the U.S. (In America a Jewish judge interdicted the book until overruled by a higher New York appeals court).

In “By Way of Deception,” the former Israeli agent spoke of seeing a large number of blank Canadian passports in a Mossad “factory”. Mr Ostrovsky wrote: “I saw a large batch of Canadian passports. .. It looked like an entire shipment. There were over 1,000 of them.”

Canada’s ambassador to Tel Aviv has asked Israel for an explanation of the incident and has been told it did not happen, but officials are concerned Israeli agents may be breaking their promise not to work undercover as Canadians.

Akram Zatmeh, 22, claims he supplied information to agents posing as Canadians that helped Israel pinpoint the whereabouts of a senior Hamas leader. The leader was later assassinated by Israeli forces in a July 23, 1997 missile attack that also killed 14 others, including nine children.

The informant claimed he was recruited by three agents who said they were Canadians and took him to the Canadian embassy in Tel Aviv before coercing him with promises of travel to Canada and threats to distribute fake photos showing him in sexual encounters.

The new reports emerging from the Gaza strip have Canadian officials worried that Israeli agents may have resumed adopting fake Canadian identities a tactic that could jeopardize the safety of Canadians who work or travel abroad.

Canadian Foreign Affairs spokesman said the government had received assurances from Israeli officials that Mr. Zatmeh’s accusations were false.

“It is unsubstantiated allegations,” said Reynald Doiron. “We checked it out with Israeli authorities and they denied having used Canada, or that they would use Canada in a fashion similar to what happened last week.”

Asked whether the Israelis could be hiding something in order to avoid another diplomatic firestorm, Mr. Doiron said: “They gave us their word and we take it as it is.”

But in what was described as a confession published last week in the Palestinian daily Al-Ayyam, Mr. Zatmeh detailed how he was recruited by “Canadians” into becoming a spy two years ago and eventually played a role in the assassination of Hamas leader Salah Shehadeh.

“When I used to visit the British Council in Gaza, I saw one foreigner reading an English newspaper. Because of my curiosity, I introduced myself to him. He said that he is a Canadian who lectures sociology at one of the Canadian universities,” Mr. Zatmeh said in Arabic.

The Canadian, who called himself Terry and said he was studying the living conditions of Palestinians, hired Mr. Zatmeh to assist with his research in exchange for $100 a month and a promise to help him travel to Canada .

One time, Terry asked for Mr. Zatmeh’s photograph in order to get him an identity card from the Canadian embassy in Tel Aviv. At the embassy, Mr. Zatmeh said Terry introduce him to another “Canadian” named David.

David used the photograph of Mr. Zatmeh to create doctored pictures depicting Mr. Zatmeh in various sexual encounters. “He threatened if I tell anybody he will distribute my pictures, which may cause me a lot of troubles.”

David later admitted he was actually an Israeli intelligence agent named Abu Muhammad. He told Mr. Zatmeh to monitor “confrontations” and “hot events” in Gaza and to supply the names of Palestinian militants who were firing upon the Jewish settlements and Israeli military command posts.

“After working for a while with Abu Muhammad, another intelligence officer phoned me and identified himself as Abu Ihab. When I moved to Gaza , Abu Ihab requested me to observe martyr Salah Shehadeh and his home  in addition to the people who used to visit him and their cars.

“I confirmed to Abu Ihab more than once that the building in which the martyr used to live was crowded with residents. Also, the road around the building was overcrowded. However, Abu Ihab justified the assassination by saying that if Salah Shehadeh was not assassinated in such a way,many other civilians could have become his victims.”

On the night of July 23 – 20 minutes after Mr. Zatmeh said he reported Mr. Shehadeh’s location to the Israeli agent an Israeli F-16 fighter fired a one-ton missile into a residential building in Gaza, killing Mr. Shehadeh and 14 others. Israel was widely criticized for the attack.

The informant’s account could not be verified and it may be no more than Palestinian propaganda designed to put Israel in a bad light. Palestinian militants routinely execute those accused of collaborating with the Israelis.

Martin Rudner, director of the Canadian Centre of Intelligence and Security Studies at Carleton University’s Norman Paterson School of International Affairs, said the tactics described by Mr. Zatmeh were common.

“It is not unusual, in intelligence collection operations, for a country’s services to recruit agents under what are termed ‘false flags,’ ” Prof. Rudner said.

“This is done in situations where the recruiting service feels that the agent may not be prepared to work for that particular country, but may be amenable to giving information to some other; or where the recruiting services seek to cover its tracks in the event that the agent be turned or captured.”

Wesley K. Wark, a University of Toronto political science professor who specializes in intelligence, said he would not be surprised if the Israelis had reneged on their 1997 promise.

“One can easily imagine that after a time of quiet that the Israelis might, in some operational circumstances, just have made a decision that this is going to benefit the security of Israel and we don’t really care too much about what the Canadians think,” he said.

Still, Prof. Wark said if the allegations prove true, the Canadian government will have no choice but demand the Israelis to stop.

“It does endanger Canadians overseas,” he said. “It adds a layer of unnecessary suspicion to the Canadian identity abroad and it’s something we shouldn’t tolerate, so we have to use every means we can to encourage the Israelis not to do it.”

A false Canadian identity would be a logical cover for an agent working in Gaza. Canada is heavily involved in aid work in Gaza, particularly in Mr. Zatmeh’s home Rafah, a hotbed of Palestinian militancy along the Israeli-Egyptian border.

An additional twist to the terrorist attack was that the Mossad agents were carrying Canadian passports. One belonged to Shawn Kendall, 28, and the other to Barry Beads, 36. A third, Guy Ares, was also carrying a Canadian passport but he managed to escape. The two Mossad agents, however, refused help from Canadian consular officials who visited them in jail.

Kendall is a Canadian-born Jew currently working in the Jerusalem office of the United Israel Appeal. According to Canadian media reports, he met Canadian consular officials and was also interviewed by agents of the Canadian Security and Intelligence Service (CSIS). Kendall proclaimed his innocence and said he did ‘not know’ anything about the scheme. How did his expired passport end up in the hands of Mossad when the law requires its return to the Canadian government or diplomatic mission abroad?

This is not the first time that Canadian passports have been used by Mossad agents. In 1981, Ottawa warned Israel to desist when it became known that the Zionists were using Canadian passports. Obviously, it seems to have had little effect.

The use of Canadian passports by Mossad is widespread. Victor Ostrovsky, a former Mossad agent, co-author with Canadian journalist Claire Hoy of the 1990 book, By Way of Deception, says that during his days as Mossad agent, he saw a massive pile of Canadian passports, perhaps as many as 1,000, in the agency’s offices. He also revealed that Jews in the diasporas perform a variety of functions for Mossad. The volunteer Jewish helpers are called sayanim.

Western intelligence agencies, including Canadian, regularly share intelligence data with Israel. Norman Spector, a former Canadian ambassador to Israel and currently publisher of the Jerusalem Post newspaper, said in a Canadian television interview (CTV) on October 3 that Canada regularly shared intelligence information with Mossad. Despite such extensive help, not to mention the billions of dollars that are siphoned off through Canadian Jewish organisations annually, the Israelis have again spat in Canada’s face.

Canadian and American Jews are the most rabidly pro-Zionist. They will do anything, legal or illegal, to help the Zionist State. Many willingly allow their passports to be used by Mossad agents. Spector revealed that a disproportionate number of Canadian passports are ‘lost’ in Israel. Canadian passports are popular because unlike the US, Canada does not carry the stigma as a staunch defender of Israel.

All this may change now. Canadians may be targeted as news of Mossad agents using Canadian documents spreads. In Canada, both opposition politicians and newspapers took strong exception to Mossad agents tarnishing Canada’s name and demanded an explanation from the government. They expressed fears for Canadians’ safety abroad, especially in the Middle East.

While Canada recalled its ambassador from Tel Aviv for consultations, Canadian minister for external affairs Lloyd Axworthy initially denied any knowledge of the Mossad plot. Opposition critics questioned whether the minister was telling the whole truth given the close and frequent exchange of intelligence information between CSIS and Mossad.

Canada’s largest daily, the Toronto Star, echoed similar concerns pointing out that the 1981 warning from Ottawa had clearly been ignored by Tel Aviv. Israel ‘has played this nasty game before. Ottawa has complained before, but obviously not strenuously enough,’ the paper said in an editorial on October 3. Such criticism seemed to have had no effect on Axworthy who confirmed on October 6 in Ottawa that he had neither received an apology from the Zionist regime nor an undertaking that such acts will not be repeated. Axworthy went on to say that ‘good relations’ between Canada and Israel were more important!

These words of the monarch need to be evaluated against the backdrop of his praise for Yitzhak Rabin, the slain Israeli prime minister, whom he also called a ‘brother’ and ‘friend.’ Like a woman, Husain publicly shed tears for Rabin at his funeral on November 6, 1995.

King Husain has allowed Israeli planes to land at Aqaba airport to ease congestion at the nearby Israeli airport at Eilat. He has also passed a controversial law banning any criticism of rulers of ‘friendly’ countries. Since Israel is no longer an enemy, this includes a ban on criticism of the Zionists as well. Under the new law, Palestinians calling for resisting the Zionist occupiers are liable to prosecution.

Since Mossad assassination attempts are authorised by the Israeli prime minister personally, Netanyahu is directly responsible for this latest terrorist outrage. Dr Fathi Shiqaqi, leader of Islamic Jihad, was martyred by the Mossad in Malta on October 26, 1995.

to be continued

(Dr Shahid Qureshi is British Journalist and Security analyst)

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