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Israel friendly Presidents: Zardari & Karzai

By Dr Shahid Qureshi:-

President Zardari left his guests waiting for more than an hour to have a secret meeting with former Kebab Shop runner Hamid Karzai, the President of Afghanistan who told BBC, ‘no body consult me for operations in Afghanistan’. No one consult in Pakistan either? The recent unannounced and unscheduled arrival of Israel’s Army chief, Major General Avi Mizrahi in held Kashmir seems provocative to many since both India and Israel are sharing ‘Occupational Skills’ against innocent people. Its time for Mr. Zardari to see ‘Brave Heart’, at least once more as he has reportedly seen ‘Godfather’ eleven times.

It seems Mr Zardari doesn’t have a choice to choose his new friends like Altaf Hussain and Hamid Karzai. Both are British loyalists. Zardari’s nominee Altaf Hussain of MQM is a subject of the British Queen.
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Altaf Hussain told Indian newspaper ‘Asian Age’, ‘I was refused commission in Pakistan Army because I was a Mohajir’. Some one said, ‘he should make himself useful instead of doing phone broadcast in another country, as now he is a British Citizen, he may well join British voluntary Force (TA) “Territorial Army”.

Altaf Hussain and Hamid Karzai owe their lives and everything to the British and both have never hid this fact in their feelings and expressions. Altaf Hussain followed the instructions like a humble servant starting from giving free hand to PPP on 18th October 2007 in Karachi to supporting of Asif Zardari in presidential elections, while MQM- A workers are ‘shedding tears of blood’ in Karachi said a politician.

Mr Karzai was so honest with his feelings that he said to Major General John McColl the departing commander of the British forces in Afghanistan, “you deserve a lot. You could have been the president of this country for all the good work you have done”.

Well Karzai owed his life and title to the coalition forces specially British. In early November 2001 coalition forces picked up wounded Karzai from Urzugan after his mission to incite revolt against Taliban failed. Well British do look after their man unlike CIA in the case of Commander Abdul Haq, whom the Americans used to call Hollywood Haq. Hamid Karzai knows that he was a second choice in the herd of Karmils, Karzais  Chilibais and Zardaris. In contrast to the British style of protecting assets ‘Commander Abdul Haq was left hung high to dry by the CIA’, according to James Ritchie a Washington based businessman friend of Haq. The Americans used to call him ‘Hollywood Haq’ and it appears they let him die a Hollywood martyrs.

Hamid Karazi own chain of Afghan restaurants called ‘Helmand’ in Baltimore, Boston, California, Chicago and San Francisco which probably his brother run with his American wife. In early 1990s when the Taliban erupted on the Afghan scene he moved immediately to their side. Karzai gave Taliban US $50,000 to help run their movement and also handed them over a large cache of weapons, he told the Hong Kong based Weekly ‘Far Eastern Economic Review’ on 12th December 2001, ‘He met Mullah Omar several times and he (Mullah Omar) offered to appoint me their envoy to the UN’.

Karzai did not take part in the US backed Afghan Jihad in the 1980 against the Soviets, when present day terrorists used to be ‘US heroes called ‘MUJS’ short for mujahideen’. He left the country and went to study in India. He then stayed in Islamabad, visiting western embassies and running a hotel in Peshawar.

Both Zardari and Karzai are very popular with the Israelis like Musharraf. At an International conference on Interaction and Confidence Building measures in the Asian Continent, in Almaty in 2002 President Karazai bumped into Israeli Minister Nathan Sharansky and told him point blank: ‘I expect your help’ Israel’s help in everything that concern Afghanistan’s fight against terrorism. Impressed by this ‘elegant, handsome bearded man Sharansky told the Israeli newspaper ‘Vesti, ‘Karzai has put on his team with absolutely pro western and our notions are similar in many respects. May God help him overcome the difficulties that lie ahead? They are unbelievably vast’.

On the other hand it seems Israel sympathisers were running the full show from ‘Benazir Bhutto’s return to Presidential elections of Mr Zaradari?

Israeli ambassador to the United Nations, Dan Gillerman recalled a meeting he had with Bhutto just prior to her return (18th October 2007) to Pakistan. “My wife and I had an intimate dinner with her and her husband (Asif Zardari now the President of Pakistan),” he said. “We spent over three hours with them. She was an incredibly impressive person, one of the most impressive in terms of her intellect, charm, and charisma that I’ve ever met.” Gillerman said Bhutto was interested in normalizing relations with Israel. “She was interested in me relaying that information to Washington and the US, which I did,” he said. “We were in touch since that meeting by e-mail several times and she expressed concern about her personal safety.”

Benazir Bhutto Requested for Mossad Protection, Pakistanis your agent Rulers. Zionist War Lord And a Muslim Killer Shimon Perez
Benazir Bhutto Requested for Mossad Protection, Pakistanis your agent Rulers. Zionist War Lord And a Muslim Killer Shimon Perez

Gillerman said Bhutto had spoken about her fears of Pakistan falling into the hands of Islamic extremists. “She shared with us her plans to return Pakistan to democracy,” he said. “She was very well aware of the problems facing her; she knew she was endangering her life by returning. I think she met with us to share with Israel, and through Israel, both her plans, fears and dreams.” A Foreign Ministry official said the possibility of sending a representative to Bhutto’s funeral was “not even on the agenda,” because of Israel’s lack of diplomatic ties with Pakistan.

“Mossad Snubbed Bhutto’s Protection Request”, reported on 28th December 2007, at an Israeli website, “Slain Pakistani opposition leader Benazir Bhutto “desperately” asked the CIA, Scotland Yard, and Israel’s Mossad to assist in her personal protection in the weeks before her assassination, Maariv reported.

Prime Minister Ehud Olmert told, ‘The Jerusalem Post, on 28th December 2007, ‘the assassination was a “great tragedy,” and that he received the news “with deep sadness.” Upon her return to Pakistan two months ago, Bhutto had stopped in London and, through a mutual acquaintance, relayed a message that she would “in the future like to strengthen the ties between Israel and Pakistan,” Olmert said. He called Pakistan a “very important country,” and said he hoped the assassination would not lead to anarchy there, which would not bring “anything positive to the region or beyond.”

President Shimon Peres said “I had the chance to meet her on several occasions, in which she expressed interest in Israel and said that she hoped to visit upon returning to power,” Peres said. “Benazir was a charismatic leader and a fighter for peace in her country and across the world.”

According to Wolf Blitzer of CNN (former spokes-person for American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), Bhutto left him a letter that blamed Musharraf in the event she was assassinated. Questions are being asked why with Wolf Blitzer and not with one of her most trusted personal or political allies within her own party, family, or staff?

A senior analyst said, “Problem is US thinks people in Pakistan don’t understand its real plans? The only people who don’t understand or don’t want to understand the real plan of Pakistan’s de-nuclearisation and disintegration are US’s planted ‘delivery boys’ like Ahmed Mukhtar, Mehmood Durani, Farooq Naik, Hussain Haqqani, Rehman Malik and girls like Sherbano Rehman and Farah Isphani. Fact of the matter is those who understand the US policy, designs and plans are obviously not on its side, these are the people US must engage with for greater peace and accept that ‘its policy has failed’ and new policy is needed? People know where every body are and what they are up to.” Time to come out of denial?

(Dr Shahid Qureshi is senior award wining investigative journalist and writer on security, foreign policy, and terrorism based in London)

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