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Iraq had no weapons of mass destruction (WMDs), you involved us in Middle East Wars”, Trump told Colin Powell

US President Donald Trump launched a scathing attack on former US Secretary of State Colin Powell, blaming him for America’s involvement in the catastrophic wars of the Middle East.

In a tweet on Twitter, Trump responded to Powell’s remarks that he would vote for Democratic candidate Joe Biden in the upcoming presidential election, saying that “Colin Powell, a true arrogant, was responsible for our inclusion in the disastrous Middle East wars, and he has just announced that he would vote for another arrogant, sleepy Joe Biden, and Trump continued: “Didn’t Powell say that Iraq possessed weapons of mass destruction? Iraq did not own it, but we fought the war.”

The former US Secretary of State has been harshly critical of President Donald Trump, regarding the way he conducts protests in America, and Powell, who belongs to Trump’s Republican Party in an interview with CNN, said that the US President is moving away from the constitution, and he will not give him his voice in the next presidential election.

By Raghda Sawas

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