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India’s Footprints in Karachi Airport Attack


By Muhammad Nawaz Khan :

In the end, the loss of life and damage could have been much, much higher. The storming of the Karachi airport on midnight of Monday by militants claimed by the outlawed Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan is a devastating psychological blow. Once again, the terrorists have demonstrated their reach and skill. Once again, Pakistan is in the news all over the world for all the wrong reasons. Furthermore, with the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan (IMU) officially claiming the airport assault, a new, equally ruthless and determined player has been added to the militancy mix in Karachi. While Uzbek militants were believed to be involved in 2011’s Mehran base attack, their claim of responsibility reflects a new confidence in now publicly owning strikes.

Ten militants – armed with weapons, a rocket launcher, suicide vests and grenades – attacked the Jinnah International Airport in Karachi. The investigations following the attack, unravelled that several Indian weapons were recovered from the scene. Similarly, a few media dailies also carried reports that the Pakistani police had recovered several made-in-India “Factor-8 injections” from the dead terrorists. According to the officials, these injections are used by the Indian Army in frontline combat and have the purpose of stopping bleeding. The injections are not available in the market.

The unfortunate Karachi airport incident has exposed the Indian ongoing secret operation against Pakistan via Tajikistan. The fact that India has been training militants and then sending them to Pakistan for terrorist activities is not a new phenomenon. There have been various incidents in the past that have endorsed this suspicion. In the recent attack on the Karachi airport, the involvement of foreign terrorists has brought to surface. Resultantly, the terrorist involved in the attack of Karachi airport are being exposed as foreigners and how is New Delhi actually adding fuel to fire into terrorism problem in Pakistan.

Strangely, an Italian journalist belonging to Rome “Austro D. Agnelli” has investigated the case of Indian involvement in the terrorist activities in Pakistan which has been an eye opener on this matter as this journalist is also a witness of the horrifying Indian project of terrorism in Pakistan. When all this was happening coincidentally that Italian journalist was staying at the Italian army check post in Afghanistan as a guest. He had specially come there to meet his cousin deployed on the check post. Being journalist when he further probed this matter, he made astonishing disclosures. According to those, India has established training camps in Tajikistan at Farkhor Airbase and Ayni Airbase where the young recruits of Uzbekistan and Tajikistan are trained and sent to Pakistan for terrorist attacks. Moreover, this

process of training terrorists has been continuously going on since 2005, although the establishment was intended since 2002. The fact is that these two Farkhor and Ayni Airbases both are Indian airbases located in Tajikistan, 130 Kilometres south east of capital Dushanbe. These are the only Indian military bases situated in a foreign country and just 2 kilometres from the Tajik-Afghan border. The agreement between India and Tajikistan for the bases was signed in 2003 and ratified in late 2004. It stipulates the presence of the Indian air force and Indian army to be permanently stationed there.

According to the reports of Italian journalist, the members of Indian Secret Services at Farkhor Airbase and Ayni Airbase are recruiting underage unemployed youth from different underdeveloped and backward part of Uzbekistan and Tajikistan in garb of highly paid jobs. Handsome money around US $5000 is also paid to their families in advance for their young children recruitment. Young men are provided lavish living including good food, dress, and living within camps. During this period religious preachers from India who are the agents of Raw, preach religion to them based on extremism, terrorism and hate against Pakistan for 2-3 week, thereby brainwashing the terror recruits. Problems of the Muslims are discussed; making them believe that the obvious reason to all problems confronting the Muslims, originate from Pakistan. Since, these religious preachers are fluent in Uzbek and Tajik language, they brainwash the recruited youth by employing Uzbek and Tajik languages as a convincing communication tool. After this stage they are asked whether they want to have an ordinary job or fight against Pakistan for the Muslims and Islam and get entry into Jannah. In the case of fight against Pakistan they are offered double pay.

Consequently, very few Uzbek or Tajik avoid fighting against Pakistan. Next comes the second stage, wherein the young men who refuse fighting against Pakistan, are sent to India for further brainwashing. Rest of them are given military training. This process continues for 4-6 months. They are trained to use automatic weapons, preparation of explosives and their installations and Guerrilla warfare. During training they are only allowed to meet their families on the condition that they will not disclose anything about their employment. They are also introduced to Indian civilization and made to believe that this is heaven on earth, where followers of all religions including Muslims live peacefully, while contrarily Pakistan wants to destroy it. Another important aspect of the Indian training camp at Farkhor base is that the Indian women keep visiting it and, the young trainees are married to those women and are assured that if they got killed in Pakistan, these women will be waiting for them in the heaven. Before start of the mission their visit to India is arranged, where they interact with the so-called prosperous Muslim families that express their fears concerning Pakistan and its nuclear arsenal. On the return from India, they are launched into tribal areas of Pakistan through Kabul. In addition, the recruits from FATA and Balochistan are also involved along with these foreign recruits to make them feel at home.

In nut shell, from here on and in the backdrop of the Indian malicious designs against Pakistan’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, the security apparatus of Pakistan will need to do a much better job of keeping track of militant activities in all parts of the country. Despite its difficulties, this is a challenge the state has to accept. Otherwise, we will ignore the militant threat at our own peril.

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