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India’s endless policy of lies/deceits

By Asif Haroon Raja : –

After absorbing 565 princely states at the time of partition of India, India annexed Hyderabad, Junagadh, two-thirds Kashmir, Dadra & Nagar Haveli, Goa, Diu & Daman, Sikkim and cut Pakistan into two. India has water disputes with Nepal, Bangladesh and Pakistan and it is using water terrorism as a tool to humble Pakistan. India has border disputes with all its neighbors. Tied to four-fold caste system, India’s 2.8% ruling Brahmans have been carrying out massive human rights violations against all the minorities in India.

In order to hide its policy of belligerence and expansionism, the Congress Party led by Nehru dynasty which has ruled India for a long time has been duping the world through the façade of secularism, non-alignment and democracy and drawing benefits from both the camps during the cold war. After the cold war, India became the strategic partner of USA, but retains strong ties with Russia. Pretending to be the champion of human rights, India has all along remained in league with extremist parties like Hindu Mahasabha and RSS to keep the minorities deprived and oppressed. Communal violence in India is a norm and so is desecration of mosques, churches and gurdwaras. Hindu zealots demolished Golden Temple in 1984 and the ancient mosque in Ayodhia in 1990.

BJP born out of Sangh Pariwar, the mother organization of all extremist Hindu parties/groups, is the political face of RSS. The RSS is the most ruthless of all Hindu extremist groups that has all along vied for Hindutva. It was instrumental in instigating the Sikhs under Tara Singh to carry out massive slaughter of Muslims migrating from East Punjab and Delhi in 1947 at the time of Partition of India. RSS in league with Dogras had also butchered 250,000 Kashmiris in Jammu district. It has been behind frequent Hindu-Muslims riots in India and in intensifying fire of communalism. Sikhs, Christians and low caste Dalits have also suffered a lot at the hands of extremist

Hindus. 20% Dalits and 17% Muslims are seen as liabilities by Hindu Brahmans. Sikh religion being 5th largest in the world is not recognized by Brahmans.

The RSS having consolidated its political power in India through terrorization has now found the right man to accomplish its dream of making India a Hindu State. Narendra Modi established his credentials as anti-Muslim and anti-Pakistan during his infamous 13 years rule of Gujarat State. Carnage of Muslims in Ahmadabad in 2002 supervised by Modi provides a glimpse of his anti-Muslim psyche. Having been brought up and nourished by RSS, his mother organization helped him to transform his fortunes from a tea-boy at Railway Station to chief minister and then prime minister. His notorious past and West’s ban imposed upon him and his jingoistic attitude he displayed during the election campaign couldn’t block his path to capture the most coveted post in India and that too with big majority. The world corporate and the media lionized him and projected him as an economic wizard who could once again make India shining and a world power. After capturing power, he extended a hand of friendship and cooperation towards all including China with whom India has a border dispute and is also engaged in economic rivalry, but his attitude towards Pakistan has been arrogant and offensive.

Paying no heed to Nawaz Sharif’s visit to New Delhi to attend his coronation ceremony, he embarrassed the visitor by asking him tough questions as to what Pakistan had done concerning the so-called accused involved in Mumbai attacks. He made terrorism as the major bottleneck in the way of resumption of composite dialogue between India and Pakistan and held Pakistan responsible for promoting terrorism. As if this rebuff was not enough, India called off the scheduled meeting between foreign secretaries in August 2014 in a huff on a silly excuse as to why Pakistan’s High Commissioner in Delhi had dared to meet Kashmiri Hurriyat leaders. Thereon, India strained relations in a calculated manner.

The Line of Control (LoC) in Kashmir was suddenly heated up during Eid days in August 2014 and cross firing spread throughout the length of LoC. For the first time, Indian heavy guns targeted civilians and security forces positions across the working boundary

in Sialkot sector causing heavy casualties and destruction of property. This was a clear-cut act of aggression and despite Pakistan’s repeated protests and retaliatory fire, Indian military continued with its offensive policy under a calculated program. It was undertaken to cause pain and to teach Pakistan a lesson as was declared by Modi and his senior ministers.

The worst was when Indian leaders in continuation of their past practice blamed Pakistan for heating up the LoC and not ceasing fire. They didn’t care that Pak Army was deeply engaged in fighting a critical battle in North Waziristan and needed full support from all those wishing to end the menace of terrorism. This was exactly what had happened in December 2001 when 70,000 Pak troops were deployed along the western border at the request of the US military to nab fleeing al-Qaeda/Taliban operatives and India drummed up the attack on its Parliament, terming it another 9/11 and deployed its entire military along its western border. Later on it was proved that the so-called terrorist attack was a false flag operation masterminded by RAW and approved by CIA to achieve specific objectives.

It has also been established that the whole lot of terrorist attacks in India from 2001 till 2008 which included attacks on Samjhota Express, Malegaon, Hyderabad Mecca Mosque and Mumbai attacks were pinned on ISI and Lashkar-e-Taiba/Jaish Mohammad, whereas those were in actuality conducted by Hindu terrorist groups and Lt Col Srikant Purohit. This was disclosed by Maharashtra’s anti-terrorist chief inspector Karkare. He had indicted all the accused in the Mumbai court of law on the basis of conclusive evidence.

During the Mumbai incident on November 26, 2008, Karkare was gunned down by unknown gunmen. While the terrorism cases which had neared conviction stage have been put in cold freezer, and so is the case of Samjhota Express in which 58 Pakistanis returning from India were burnt to death, Mumbai attacks are still being hyped despite revelations made by several Indian officials that it was an in-house affair to defame ISI and to divert attention from volatile situation in Indian Occupied Kashmir (IOK). FBI

confirmed that Ajmal Kasab, the lone accused upon which the whole story was fabricated, had no links to Pakistan. He was kidnapped by RAW in Nepal in 2006 and held in a dungeon in India with 200 other innocent people. For 26/11, Kasab was picked up and framed as an attacker. He was then portrayed as the leader of the ten-man gang and subsequently he was declared as the mastermind of the entire operation.

The incident of blowing up of Pakistani fishing boat inside Indian waters by Indian Coast Guard and killing three Pakistani fishermen was twisted by Indian government by stating that it was a terror boat, which when cornered and chased was blown up by the terrorists. The DG Coast Guard later spilled the beans by stating that he had ordered targeting the boat. Rather than apologizing and compensating the families of the three victims, India sticks to its concocted story and has punished the DG by summarily posting him out.

Starting from Jawaharlal Nehru who backtracked from his pledge to give right of self-determination to Kashmiris by holding plebiscite, all Indian leaders have been resorting to lies and deceit as a policy. India excels in art of treachery and drama and its spin masters turn reality into fiction or vice versa by cooking false stories and conducting false flag operations to depict India as the victim of terrorism and Pakistan the aggressor. Covert operations are its favorite hobby and since 2002, RAW is fully involved in destabilizing FATA, settled areas of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Balochistan and Karachi using Afghan soil. It has been subletting Blackwater for certain tasks.

Of late, RAW has come under pressure because of change of regime in Kabul and Ashraf Ghani refusing to allow Afghan soil for cross border terrorism/subversion against immediate neighbors. In a very short time, Ghani has considerably reduced the trust deficit between the two countries and has drawn closer to Pakistan. Much to the chagrin of India, the US has welcomed close cooperation of Afghanistan and Pakistan and has also not objected to China playing a role as a facilitator to make Afghanistan peaceful.

Construction of energy corridor by China connecting Kashgar with Gwadar and the latter being developed as a deep seaport are worrisome for India and USA since it is likely to substantially improve the economic health of Pakistan. It will also help China in marketing its goods to Middle East, African and European markets through the shortest and most economical route and in enhancing Chinese naval presence in Indian Ocean, where Indo-US navies are trying to fully dominate the sea-lanes and choke points. China’s influence in South China Sea and in Indian Ocean together with its expected enhanced influence in Afghanistan, China-Russo led SCO and China dominated BRICS will help in defeating the Indo-US encirclement plan.

Knowing India’s track record, it will not give up its gains made in Afghanistan easily, its ambition to outdo China in economic race, to become a key player in Asia-Pacific region, to become permanent member of UNSC and a global power. India knows that Pakistan is the chief irritant in the way of its grandiose ambitions and hence would keep devising strategies to weaken it from within through covert means. The best bet for India is Afghanistan and as such it will strive hard to revitalize bad blood between the two neighbors and also to keep US-Pakistan relations strained through Chankyan tactics.

Pakistan leadership must remain vigilant and remain firm in dealing with foxy India and must not get carried away by the visit of its Foreign Secretary to Islamabad which is of no consequence, particularly when India has changed its original stance by stating that the visit is in regional (SAARC) and not in bilateral context.

Country wide Operation Zarb-e-Azb backed by National Action Plan (NAP) coupled with targeted Rangers-Police Operation in Karachi has the potential to eliminate scourge of foreign sponsored terrorism fomented by TTP in northwest, BLA/BRA in Balochistan, Blackwater in urban centres, armed wings of political parties in Karachi as well as sectarianism whipped up by religious groups. Afghan Army and intelligence will have to fully cooperate with their counterparts in Pakistan in the mutually beneficial multi-pronged operations.

While implementation of 20-point NAP must be made more effective at federal and provincial levels, military courts must start functioning ASP, Joint Intelligence Directorate and Counter Terrorism Force in each province must come into play forthwith, police in Karachi depoliticized and political interference prohibited.

For long term fruitful results, Pakistan-Afghanistan-China-Russia and preferably Iran will have to form a close-knit nexus to comprehensively defeat terrorism in the region.

Proposed 7000 strong Security Division for the Energy Corridor will go a long way in thwarting the nefarious designs of certain political parties like ANP with vested interests and terrorist groups and ensuring safety of Chinese engineers/workers during the construction phase.

Pakistan should demand its rightful share in left over arms, ammunition, vehicles, guns, helicopters by ISAF to compensate for the wear and tear of its equipment in the long-drawn war on terror which is still raging.

The writer is a retired Brig, war veteran/defence analyst/columnist/author of five books, Director Measac Research Centre, Director Board of Governors TFP.

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