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India’s Bid to Join Nuclear Supplier Group a Point of Pride

“The only one thread which the NDA-BJP Government and the Prime Minister have been taking forth is the Indo-US Civil Nuclear Energy Pact which was incubated and finally consummated during the UPA Government”, he said. However, such access is restricted to American technologies. This week, Obama hailed India’s membership in the Missile Technology Control Regime, a group that restricts the export of missiles and their delivery systems. India already has deals with more than eight countries for supplies of uranium, and has signed agreements for reactors with France, Russia and the United States. Besides, he also got the green signal in the U.S. for India’s entry into the Missile Technology Control Regime. However, that hasn’t happened, as Namibia has since cited a 2009 African version of the Non-Proliferation Treaty, the Pelindaba Treaty, which essentially controls the supply of uranium from Africa to the rest of the world. India has asserted that being a signatory to the NPT is not essential for joining the NSG as there has been a precedent in this regard. As a result, she said, both countries have not signed the treaty so far. Apparently neither India nor Pakistan is likely to join the NSG in the near future as New Delhi failed to win over China while Islamabadfailed to persuade Washington to back its bid. In his five-nation tour, Modi seemed to have diplomatically convinced the worldwide community about India’s credible credentials as nuclear power, and its track record on non-proliferation. The Chinese argue that if the United States and other powers insist on exempting India from this requirement then they should do the same for Pakistan, as not doing so will accelerate a unsafe nuclear race in South Asia. With India committed to meeting its climate change goals by reducing dependence on fossil fuels, India needs to step up nuclear power production. Japan too has expressed its support for India’s inclusion in the grouping. Indian companies like Larsen & Tubro or Walchandnagar Industries, who have experience with construction of nuclear power plants, could find markets overseas if the country gains NSG membership. The argument is created to benefit Pakistan, but the NSG’s other members do not wish to be seen to be rewarding that country’s unedifying record of proliferating nuclear technology to Libya, Iran and North Korea. India remains hopeful that the NSG will in Seoul agree to New Delhi’s membership, but officials suggested growing recognition that this will need China’s active support – and that a strategy to isolate Beijing within the group isn’t working. New York South East Post http://nysepost.com/indias-bid-to-join-nuclear-supplier-group-a-point-of-pride-275114

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