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Imran Khan’s March & Nawaz Sharif’s India policy – Two wrongs

By Dr Shahid Qureshi –  :

Apart from the all the immature attitudes of Pakistani politicians from all the parties people in the know believe that Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif should be given a chance to mend the ways of his government in the capital with a time line. On the other hand government should show maturity and deliver as well as come out of ‘monarchic style rule’. Timing and flexibility in politics is very important which Imran Khan and Nawaz Sharif should understand now before its very late.

The idealism of Imran Khan and insecurity of the PML-N is not helping, as bravery and vision are something, which cannot be injected or bought. Corruption makes people weak, coward and compromising. That is true from judges to the presidents as corruption is radio active.

The wealth and assets of the politicians abroad have become a national security threat to Pakistan. The new rich finance minister Ishaq Dar has crossed all the lines in his greed to stay in power so much so he has compromised the national security and lives of the people for short term political gains in Sind by negotiating with ‘local arm’ of the evil forces like Xe aka Black water.

I am not sure if Nawaz Sharif’s one sided love and romanticism about making love with India not war over or still in his system? There will be no peace with India without the resolution of Kashmir issue. That is a fact so live with it. One cannot close eyes of India’s ‘water-bombing’ just because leaders drink mineral water.

He must understand that all the operations launched in Kashmir by Pakistan from 1948, 1965 and Kargil in 1997 were legal under international law as Kashmir is part of Pakistan and is under illegal occupation and it has every right to fight for its freedom from the aggressor. The UN only act in East Timor and South Sudan as most residents are Christians and when it comes to Palestine and Kashmir UN sleep over them?

In actual fact it was India who attacked Pakistan in 1948, 1965 and 1971 by crossing international borders. Indian generals and writers are admitting their involvement in the creation of Bangladesh and break up of East Pakistan. More recently India is sponsoring and supporting terrorist groups in FATA, Baluchistan and Karachi.

The problem with the Indian leadership is that they all lack ‘vision’ and also suffered from severe inferiority complex since 1947. A.W Hume the founder of the congress was a white British European over 100 years ago and now still its leader a white Italian born European Sonia Gandhi real name, Antonia Edvige Albina Maino daughter of Parents: Stefano Maino and Paola Maino. The Indian national inferiority complex can be seen with the sale of whitening creams in India. That also affects their make up of foreign policy when India is hostile to all its brown and yellow neighbours, Pakistan, China, Bangladesh, Bhutan and Nepal all have problems with racist Indian policies and hostility both inside and abroad.

Nawaz Sharif unfortunately does not understand narrative that Indian can still be good neighbour of Pakistan without undermining it? There policies in the region are part of the problem and not solution.

The self-blaming and subjugated mentality towards India has created problems for him. People around him like Pervez Rashid, Khawaja Saad Rafique, Khwaja Asif all had problems with the military and probably did not have psychological closures of ill treatment of Musharraf period. They become too idealist when talking and comparing democracy with Europe but failed to see the corruption within their ranks?

It’s the advisors around Nawaz Sharif that are not letting him down and he is not ready to share the power with the others within the party? Politicians have made parties like family business all the leaders are parachuted in rather than moved upward from the bottom. It has become more like a mafia.

Pervez Rashid should be sent to Gaza to see that solid argument (Palestinian case) does not work without a solid armed force. As his comments after shooting of Geo journalist that ‘we are with the argument and not with the army’ (hum daleel waloon kaa sath hain, gulail waloon kaa sath nahee’ was a direct attack on the armed forces of Pakistan? Than total undermining of the ISI and its Chief on pro Indian Geo TV for 8 hours under the watch of Nawaz Sharif as prime minister sent loud and clear message to the army where his government heading – suicide.

There was a welcoming change in the narrative towards the armed forces of Pakistan recently? The military leadership and civil establishment clearly understand or should understand:

1.    That mixing family businesses of politicians with (India) has compromised the national interests of Pakistan.
2.    Transfer of national wealth to UK, Europe and other places has made all the politicians very vulnerable, compromising and open to abuse.
3.    Recent historical fact is that not a single corrupt politician was able to take his wealth back to his country from Swiss banks or elsewhere.
4.    If Nawaz Government in Pakistan can open files of tax evasion or corruption of Tahir ul Qadri so can the British Government or Swiss Government for them if needed so there is no need to be ‘smart alec’.
5.    Obviously most of the growth in their wealth is a result of corruption and can easily be proved that all these  assets are product of ‘crime proceeds’ and therefore ceased by the state.
6.    Or you do what we ask you to do for us and that is how these people have not only got their hands tied up with their feet and mouth sealed.

On the other hand what PTI leader Imran Khan is asking is perfectly legal, genuine and sensible. However, It is not a time to do a ‘long march’ and create any law and order situation as well as stretch the armed forces of Pakistan. It is right march at a wrong time.

1.    Imran Khan should give Nawaz Sharif Government a clear time line to deliver reforms and changes with the guarantees from all the        stakeholders in Pakistan.
2.    Electoral reforms are the most important element at the moment.
3.    That can be done by a Presidential ordinance and later approved by the parliament.
4.    Regime change is not going to be useful and it will bring in the same corrupt lot again.
5.    Electronic voting system should be launched as soon as possible.
6.    Local bodies elections should be done on electronic machines.
7.    Politicians heavily rely on the police force to get their ways and also get away with murders.
8.    That was one of the reasons that police reforms did not take place in Pakistan during Musharraf’s time.
9.    Now it is time to have that done and de-politicise the police in Pakistan.

One final thing Imran Khan should demand from the Nawaz Government is that it must write a letter to the Swiss Government to release the names and identities of the people holding national wealth of $200 billon in Swiss Banks.

That will be enough to pay off all the debts of Pakistan?

(Dr Shahid Qureshi is award winning senior investigative journalist and writer on foreign policy based in London)

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