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I want to be a Tea Master: Elif Gonlum

(Exclusive Interview By Sevda Uykan) : –

Elif Gonlum is a Turkish businesswoman, a mother of two boys and a wife of a famous Turkish basketball player Kerem Gonlum. She has set up tea business and created her own tea brand, Teaelife. We asked her for the interview for The London Post and she very kindly agreed.

Please tell us about you, your life and your family?

My name is Elif Gönlüm. I was born in Istanbul. My parents are from Serbia. I was grown up in these two culture. I am married to Kerem Gonlum who is a successful basketball player and plays for National Basketball Team. I have two sons.

How did you meet your husband? How long have you been together and what’s the secret of your happy marriage? What are your strengths and weaknesses?

Elif Gönlüm with husband

I met my husband when I was 19. There is a strong bond between us that makes us believe we are each other’s destiny. We have a very happy marriage and the key for a happy marriage is honesty. We are always open to each other and we don’t restrict each other’s freedom.

What challenges you face as a celebrity couple?

As a celebrity couple, it is frustrating to see that some people try to use us. We both have a sense of empathy and we trust people easily but in return they may misbehave and it is disappointing. My strengths are patience, and ability to express myself well. I am very empathetic and some people take advantage of it. I feel hurt when people abuse my empathy.

Elif Gonlum
Elif Gonlum

Can you please tell us about your educational background?

I studied management in Istanbul University. I can speak Turkish, Serbian, English, Russian. I am also a breath coach. I got some lessons and trainings about it. I have taken lessons from Bach Remedy Centre in Wallingford. It’s based on English Dr. Edward Bach. I am taking lessons from UK Academy to be a tea master. I am planning to take lessons to be a nutritionist.

Can you please tell us about your tea business?

Tea was always special for me. I was buying tea from every country I travelled. For me tea is a bit like a spiritual part of me. I am interested in searching and making tea by blending different tea leaves. Then I thought why not to do it as a business. So i created my own brand and I make my own tea recipe and started selling them. I join to many exhibitions about tea. My business will be based in London with a good connection with Turkey. I want to find new markets especially in European countries.

What are your hobbies?

Travelling. I like travelling to mystique places. I do individual sports such as skiing and surfing.

I am keen in reading books about personal development and philosophy. I like tea blending and juicing for detox.

Elif Gonlum and Sevda Uykan after interview in London.
Elif Gonlum and Sevda Uykan after interview in London.

I am interested in creative writing. I write poems. I actively work and support some charities as a volunteer.

I wish you all the best and thank you on behalf of The London Post.

Edited by Dr Shahid Qureshi – Chief Editor The London Post

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