“I Receive Cancer Treatment in London”: Shabaz Sharif


(By Shahid Qureshi – London Post )  – :

Shahbaz Sharif powerful chief minister of Pakistani Punjab is visiting London now a days. He arrived in London during the festive Eid period while his brother Nawaz Shrif Prime Minister was in Saudi Arabia for over 10 days with his finance minister Ishaq Dar who is also father in law of his daughter. This absence from Pakistan is criticised widely. In response to this criticism Shabaz Sharif issued a statement on social media and explained his position why he has to come to London. Here what he wrote to the people.

“A number of people asked a very valid question that why do I visit London for my medical check-up?

Dear Friends, I never wanted to tell my story to anyone … but I think you all deserve to know the facts … During Musharraf era, when I was sent in exile … I was diagnosed with backbone cancer and at that time I was in London … so naturally treatment got started there … In continuation of it, I still have to visit my oncologist couple of times a year … It is recommended that one should stick with same oncologist who has been with you since start and understands your complete case …

Friends, Let me assure you that I, Alhumdulillah, pay for all my expenses of travelling, boarding, treatment and medication myself … and not a single penny is ever taken from Punjab government for this purpose … May Allah bless you all with good health and long life … Ameen!!! …

SS “ Shabaz Sharif

We wish him good health and swift recovery from cancer.