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I am proud of my Turkish Origin: Dr Shurubu Kayhan

(Exclusive Interview by Dr Shahid Qureshi) :-

Dr Shurubu Kayhan is a Turcologist, researcher and academic based in Turkey. She has studied Turkey and its roots globally. We requested her to give an interview for our readers. She agreed from her busy schedule. Here are few questions we asked.

1. Please tell us about your life, childhood and family?

My name is Shurubu Kayhan. I am originally Kyrgyz, but I have been living in Turkey from 1995 so I have a Turkish citizenship. I am a Turcologist academician. I am married and have two children. My older son Batuhan is 13 year old and my younger son Berk is 7. My husband Erkan Kayhan, is a pilot in Turkish Airlines. Being a Turkish family we always remember our roots and traditions.

Shurubu Kayhan black

2. How was your schooling, education?

I studied in Department of History at Kyrgyz State University from 1989 to 1994. In 1995 I got my Masters degree at Kyrgyz State Academy. The same year I came to Turkey to do my PhD at Ege University in Institute of Social Sciences. I completed my Ph.D. program in 2001 with the thesis titled ” Historical Streets of Manas Destiny”.

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3. Please tell us about family life?

I made a decision to get married as soon as I got my Ph.D and so I did. First years of marriage were tough, we have had some problems with my husband because we have come from different social and cultural structures. However, we were able to overcome these problems in a short time and our family became full of respect and love. Kyrgyz people throughout the history were known for being harmonious, constructive and pleasant-looking.

4. Tell us about your community in Turkey and how they are living?

The Turkish people have a very rich culture. They are very friendly and hospitable. Turkey is located in the center of the Asia, it has combined all the features of the West and the East into its national wealth. They also have their own local habits, customs and traditions, according to their religion.

Shurubu Kayhan party

5. How you spend your time, and your hobbies?

Sports is my lifestyle, not a hobby. The biggest hobby is swimming. I enjoy reading books, travelling to learn new places. I love discovering and learning new things in life.

Shurubu Kayhan yellow

6. Tell us about you research work?

I am a researcher. I am investigating the common cultures, traditions and history of the Turkish people. I have concentrated on working on these subjects for the last two years. Turkish folks geographically are spread all over the World. In the west, it includes Kosovo, Montenegro, in Central Asia- Mongolia, Central Asia, as well as Turkish territories within Turkey, Europe, Caucasus, China and Russian Federation. Turkish people are far away from each other, according to their social, economic, political and cultural conditions.

I decided to concentrate on this subject, thinking that the Turkish people have the same roots, and I continue to enjoy it with pride and pleasure, despite all the difficulties i experience.

8. Please tell us about your success stories?

All success stories are made when you love what you are doing.

9. What advice you will give to young and new comers from your country?

The younger generations in our country have to respect and the national values of their nation and always remember their origins, my suggestion is that they should pass our flag to the new generation with all traditions…

Shurubu Kayhan blue

10. What are future plans?

My biggest goal is to write a common language, common alphabet and common history for the unification of the Turkish world. I am going to carry out social, cultural and educational projects based on this subject. The most important is to it is ensure that small Turkish communities under the threat of extinction protect and maintain all national values.

Translation by: Yasmin Kocharli

Views Expressed are not of The London Post


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