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‘I created a lot of work in a complex technique of batik’, Olesea Shibaeva

(By Dr Shahid Qureshi, Chief Editor): –

We tend to promote artists and art for the younger generation so they can find role models and get inspirations from the real human beings and living. We requested a short interview to Olesea Shibaeva an artist from Moldova.

Please tell us about your parents, childhood and family, How was your schooling?

I have been born on the 16th of November 1984 in Chisinau, the capital of Republic of Moldova, a small and beautiful country. I grew up in a creative family as both my parents were artists. My mother was also a teacher of fine art and origami. Therefore, it is not surprising that my childhood did not begin with cubes and dolls, but with pencils and paints, which of course has influenced my decisions in regards to my further education.

I started my education in an art school called A.V.Sciusev, then continued to study in the art college and then university, Creanga, were I also completed my Master of Art degree. It was there that I became fascinated with batik, art painting on fabric. First, it was just a hobby, but then I became so fascinated that it gradually flowed into a profession.

Please tell us about marriage, homes, kids and family life?

I am blessed to have a family that loves and supports me in what I am doing. A loving family is all I need to create and get inspired. I have a loving husband and a son. We love life and we travel together a lot.

How do you spend your time, and your hobbies, Where and what did you study?

With the help of acrylic and aniline dyes, I maximize the use of decorative and applied arts. I make pillows, scarves, shawls, curtains, and practice in the design of residential interiors. During my creative work I created a lot of work in a complex technique of batik. Many of them have become a true decoration of various exhibitions and are a success not only among local art lovers, but also among Moldovan guests. Besides pictures, I can also paint the fabric for clothes, fabrics for interior decoration. As an experiment, I depicted on the fabric a whole series of works on illustrations of the book “Luceafarul”, the famous poet M. Eminescu.

I love my job and I always aim to develop further and create something new. I love batik for the breadth of its application, because it is not only canvas, but also clothing, interior items and accessories.

How did you overcome those difficulties as an artist and for how long you doing??

I always make a lot of plans and do all the possible and impossible to accomplish them. Every year I set new targets to develop further and not to stop at what has been achieved. And yes, I have encountered difficulties all the time, from one to another. However, despite all the difficulties and circumstances, I go from one emotion to another. These crises are pushing me for new motivations, new stages and progress.

I have travelled a lot including countries like Russia, Romania, Ukraine, Tajikistan, Israel, Great Britain, and therefore in my works there are both Eastern and Western styles of work, because when I travel I get inspired.

I think that my artistic work is intuitive, there is no logic in the layout of works; I get inspired from my feelings and emotions and this is what I try to emphasize in what I create. I get very inspired by music, and if there is also a cup of cappuccino with marmalades .. Perhaps my most successful works are created under the sounds of good jazz and the aroma of good coffee.

What are future plans for exhibitions?

Whenever possible I try to participate in exhibitions, and various creative events. I held more than 30 solo exhibitions, and took part in a great number of joint exhibitions. In July this year I will have a few of my works exhibited in the EXHIBITION OF EURASIAN ART organized by the Eurasian Creative Guild in London.

Anything else you want to tell the readers

Although I don’t speak English language very well I think the work I create speaks an international language, which is the language of emotions. Of course one of my targets is to learn English in order to be able to communicate better and share emotions with people that get interested in my pieces of work.

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