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I believe in power of thinking : Asel Zoe

By Dr Shahid Qureshi   : –

Asel Zoe is the editor in chief of the famous magazine “Fashion Collection” of Kazakhstan. She is inspiring, energetic, hardworking journalist and mother of two kids. She gave an exclusive interview for The London Post. We asked her few questions below:

1. Please tell us about your parents, childhood and family?
I grow up in with three ladies my mom, grandma and grand grandma. And it was very influencing. Each of them gave me the most important: my mom who passes away when I was 21 had taught me with the most important – that I have to believe in myself and all dreams would come true I just have to be very persistent and positive. My grandma gave me all her love and taught me that love is the most creative energy. And grand grandmother always believed that I would become very famous person and would be the leader.
I never had a father present but I grew up with thoughts that I will find him in the future and he should be very proud of me. When I was 34 I finally found him and I hope he really is.


2. How was your schooling?
I was always proactive and liked to look unique – first bandana, nose ring – for the “post-Soviet Union” society I sometimes was to much and oddball. Sometimes my schoolmates even offended me because I was to different from them and might be the first person in my city who died hair in magenta. Even adults could say “idiot” or something else that was very offensive. Only endless love of my mother and grandmother who were always on my side, who were always helpful and creative of supporting my personal touch, helped me to stay positive not to give up and now I may say that I kept my own style.

3. Please tell us about marriage, homes, kids and family life?
I am mother of two beautiful girls 17 and 11 and they mean world to me. I am blessed with good family support and love for my daughters from their father. I am very easy going, caring and loving person. I like my daughters to grew up happy.
We have many hobbies to do together traveling, cooking, ice-skating, we like creating wish lists maps (I’m not sure if it’s the proper English word). My beloved 81 years old grandmother who everyone calls Mama Zoe (that’s why I’m Zoe) is very positive have greatest sense of humor and very active that we cherish. She is our angel who lives with us so I can always be a child.

4. How you spend your time, and your hobbies?

Besides being an Editor in Chief of Kazakhstan version of Fashion Collection magazine I also represent New York Film Academy in Kazakhstan – help students who want to bound their life with the film and TV industry to find better solution of approaching their study.
I’m extremely happy person – I love my job and everything related to that like traveling, evening routs, interviews, shopping and being with beautiful interesting and very inspiring people. So all my life is very exciting and beautiful hobby.

5. Where and what did you study?
I have masters in international economics of Kazakh State National University and graduated with what we call here “red diploma” and even started writing the PhD, but didn’t finish it. In addition, I studied acting at NYFA and now represent this Academy in Kazakhstan. And even studied in St. Martens where I learned special events decorations and store windows design.
I think that wonderful opportunity of our life is to able to study to learn something new and be able to use it. All my backgrounds help me in the different way of my life and I’m trying to use all the knowledge I have. Not always very successful – I also step on a rake but trying to learn from my mistakes either.

6. When you decided to become a journalist also please tell us about your success stories?
Always wanted and while studying at school I was writing articles to the children newspaper. However, I was growing up, decided to become a manager, and entered economical school and university. However, our life is the puzzle of great opportunities and interesting events – approximately 3 years before when I opened a store called “Inspiration” I started to write short stories to Facebook about my experience, my observations and inspiring stories. Both ways would help me to promote the store and besides it was very exciting and interesting for me.
The publisher who was creating a new team to bring to the market ELLE Kazakhstan magazine was following me so I was invited to become ‘jewelry and accessories editor’ and of course I was very happy to enter the dream team. I left the magazine by the end of summer and was offered the new challenging position of editor in Chief in Fashion Collection Magazine.
I’m the hard worker and do like to work, never whimper and never give up – I think this character has given me the biggest cart blanch.
Even though I no longer possess the Inspiration store I’m starting the new chapter and willing to keep inspiring people to succeed and believe in good and themselves.


7. What difficulties you faced in becoming journalist? 8. How did you overcome those difficulties?
Our industry is related with many rumors and people are very sensitive. So I never get in to the gossiping and believe that reputation is very important.

8. How do you feel being a successful journalist?
I feel great responsibility – when you become a person who is being read you understand that your opinion is influencing many other people. And you become very delicate with what you say and write. Nevertheless, it is also great opportunity to share my way of thinking and doing and I am trying to share power of positive thinking and encourage people to do good things.

10. What advice you will give to young and new comers in media?
The most important is to believe in your creativity uniqueness and success. Moreover, be patient while passionate of whatever you do. Consider every step you do as the step to your success. Keep your words, never gossip, and stay away from scandals – reputation is very important and very expensive this days. Be accurate of what you say and write because journalists have great responsibility and even create future. I believe in power of thinking: we may have anything we really want and desire so I wish all young people dare to wish anything they want. And my credo is always stay positive and believe that whatever happened is for the best.


11. What are the areas you will be covering in future?
I’m good at networking and love to travel so I hope that my work will be related with many business trips that would also let me know many interesting places and inspiring people.
12. How you see yourself in next 5 years?
You would be surprised but I never plan that far but most probably will try myself as the costume jewelry designer.

13. Anything else you want to tell the readers
I would like to congratulate every one for the upcoming New Year Eve and Christmas and wish New Year bring wealth, health and prosperity to every one. As the fashion magazine editor in chief I want to say that while wearing the most beautiful dress and jewelry do not forget the smile and kindness and believe in the fairytales. And all your wishes will come true without fail.

Thank you

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