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Hussain Haqani Run Abdul Nisha Puri – LUBP Criminal Prof Dr Jawad Syed Exposed

(Exclusive Report) Abdul Nisha puri was a fake name used by Professor Dr Jawad Syed to malign the journalists, writers and academics who were opposing the criminal Zaradri rule and murderous MQM-A. He was hiding behind the fake name. Senior Journalists Adeeb Syed in Washington and Dr Shahid Qureshi in London filed official complaints to the US authorities for spreading hate speech and fanning sectarianism. Pakistan Journalist Association -UK, lawyer Barrister Amjad Malik was also consulted on the issue of criminal activities of LUBP.

LUBP and Criticalppp had full support of Zaradri regime and Hussain Haqqani former Pakistani ambassador to US from Pakistan. Hussian Haqqani is also current husband of Farah Isphani adviser to President Zardari. Hussain Haqqaini was alleged as the architect of Memogate scandal against the armed forces of Pakistan.

It is reported that Hussian Haqaani got civil award Sitara-e-Imtiaz to Abdul Nisha Puri aka Prof Dr Jawad Syed for running LUBP and CriticalPPP.com.

People spend all their lives serving in a particular field and if lucky, receive a honorary medla like Sitara-e-Imtiaz near death or after they have left the world.

In the curious case of Dr Jawad Syed (Abdul Nishapuri of LUBP), he was awarded this medal in the PPP Government soon after he completed his doctorate degree with literally no service.

What does this tell you? Dr. Jawad Syed (who previously ran CriticalPPP.com, precursor to LUBPak.com) has had close links in PPP specially Hussain Haqqani and Farahnaz Ispahani and they helped him get this medal for his services to them.

LUBP (Let Us Build Pakistan – LubPak.com) previously criticalppp.com has introduced a new so called “human rights activist” as the face of Abdul Nishapuri. LUBP has been accused of being run by fake profiles and enjoyed little credibility so they brought in some real face….

ali abbas taj LUBP
Ali Abbas Taj LUBP criminal

Ali Abbas Taj from USA hired this girl Zara Bukhari on petty cash, she is a student and happy to do dirty laundry of LUBP, specially save Abdul Nishapuri’s ass (aka Dr Jawad Syed) and give some credibility to LUBP showing a real face.


Is she really a activist? No. She only appeared in late 2014 and her life as so called activist is a year. All her Twitter followers are purchased. She is usually given a script to read in a video. She does not run her Twitter account, Abul Nishapuri aka Dr Jawad Syed does so.

Note that in the new video she has released, she mentions Allama Jawad Naqvi, Vali Nasr, Khudi Ali, Dr Haider Ali and who not trying to cover up the real Abdul Nishapuri aka Dr Jawad Syed. LUBPExposed account is run by LUBP to create confusion as LUBPXposed account leaks details of Dr Jawad Syed the real Nishapuri. To verify this, check all tweets of LUBPExposed or video of this girl, she carefully omits Dr Jawad Syed’s name.

All in all LUBP is run by the anti-Pakistan and anti-state elements heavily involved in hate speech and sectarianism.

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