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Hungarian government publishes video in reaction to EU criticism

BUDAPEST, Oct. 13 (Xinhua) — The Hungarian government published a rare video message in English here on Saturday in response to a critical report adopted by the European Parliament (EP)in September.

“The government of Hungary will not leave unanswered the offense committed against Hungary in the Sargentini Report,” the Hungarian government declared. “We would like to make clear before the general, European public that we do not want to become an immigrant country.”

The government of Hungary said it released the video “in response to recent affronts to the country.”

The video is entitled “It’s time to shake up Brussels. Let’s protect Europe!”

With the adoption of the Sargentini report on Sept. 12, the EP backed a resolution calling on EU member states to trigger Article 7 procedures against Hungary in order to prevent the risk of a “serious breach of European values”.

The Sargentini report enumerated a number of concerns concerning the rule of law in Hungary, its electoral system, changed without the approval of the opposition parties, the independence of the judiciary, namely the decrease of power of the Constitutional Court, corruption issues, freedom of expression, assembly and religion, as well as the rights of minorities and asylum-seekers and issues connected with equal opportunity.

The video begins by introducing Dutch MEP Guy Verhofstadt and a clip in which he says that “we need migration.”

According to the Hungarian government, Verhofstadt supports more migration despite the facts that “1.8 million migrants have entered the European Union since 2015” and “millions more wish to come.”

“Since the crisis began,” the video continues, “hundreds have lost their lives in vicious attacks all across Europe.”

Violent crime is rising, and Guy Verhofstadt wants more migration,” according to the video.

“This is reckless,” the video concludes. “Time to shake up Brussels. Let’s protect Europe!” The video, only 35 seconds long, concluded.

The video came a day after French daily Le Monde made an interview with the head of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker, who declared that Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban had neglected the christian-democratic values and thus, had no more place in the European People’s Party within the European Parliament.

Migration is an issue which has caused rifts within Europe in recent years.

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