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Hong Kong protester’s attacks on Journalist and International media strongly condemned

(By special Correspondent) :-

Hong Kong violent protesters attacked media and journalists at the international airport resulting in journalists being injured and hospitalized. All the international media and free world journalists condemn these actions of the protesters.

Dr Shahid Qureshi international journalist and chief editor or The London Post, ‘strongly condemn the violence and the illegal detention of journalists performing their duties’. It is unacceptable that: ‘some rioters who unreasonably obstructed the journalists’ normal interview at the Hong Kong international airport on the evening of August 13. Free world journalists: ‘pay high tribute to the journalists who cried out their duties. We cannot ignore the support of Hong Kong police for the media persons despite the violence created by the protesters.

hong kong airport protest 12 aug 2019

The media freedom and rights of the journalists to report the protests must be adhered by the protest organizers in Hong Kong’.  Those who assaulted the journalists must be brought to justice as protesters are not allowed to cause harm and injury to the media performing their duties. Police must make sure that life and properties of the people are protected from the hooligans and thugs hiding among the protesters. No one should be allowed to wear masks and hide their faces and identities to cause harm and damage to the right of peaceful protest’.

“They have caused harm and losses to the innocent tourists and businesspersons while blocking the Hong Kong international airport. This taking over of the airport by so called protesters is violation of international law as airports are international territories. It is expected that the Chinese government will make sure that lives and properties of men, women and Children traveling to Hong Kong are protected’, said Dr Shahid Qureshi.

‘The right to protest does not give right to violence and it seems Hong Kong protesters have lost the media support’. said Dr Qureshi

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