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Hapless Robber Left Travel Pass In Getaway Car

A “foolish” robber who was tracked down by police after leaving his travel pass in the getaway car has been jailed.

Jordan McDonald concocted an “unbelievable web of lies” after he and three others held up a wages delivery driver and stole £23,000.

When officers searched a Toyota Corolla abandoned shortly after the Birmingham crime, they found shopping vouchers bearing the 23-year-old’s name.

They then found a large amount of cash at his girlfriend’s home – and a picture on his mobile phone showed the sequential banknotes laid out on the stairs.

He tried to convince West Midlands Police that the £5,800 – his share from the robbery – was from the sale of a car, and McDonald even produced a receipt to corroborate of his story.

Following a trial at Birmingham Crown Court, he has been sentenced to eight years behind bars, but his accomplices are still wanted by police.

“McDonald will now have several years behind bars to contemplate the error of his ways,” said Detective Constable Michelle Hunt.

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