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Greek Cypriot speaker quits amid cash-for-passports scandal

The speaker of Greek Cyprus’s parliament resigned on Thursday in the wake of a cash-for-passports scandal that has embarrassed authorities in the EU member state.

Demetris Syllouris is the second-highest-ranking state official of Greek Cypriot administration and was deputizing as acting president in the absence of President Nicos Anastasiades.

Syllouris, 67, was secretly filmed by the Al Jazeera network talking to an undercover reporter posing as a representative of a Chinese businessman with a criminal record. Syllouris is shown promising to facilitate the businessman’s passport application.

A lawmaker for 28 years and speaker since 2011, Syllouris has denied any wrongdoing, saying any comments were taken out of context.

“I firmly believe that in no way have I broken the law,” Syllouris said in a statement. In the documentary, he is filmed discussing with a fixer, the undercover reporter, ways and workarounds for the supposed Chinese investor to acquire a passport. The imaginary investor had a criminal record, which in itself should have disqualified an applicant.

The documentary was aired on Oct. 12, triggering public outrage and forcing authorities to suspend a lucrative citizenship for investment program. The citizenship for investment scheme has brought in 8 billion euros ($9.37 billion) for Greek Cyprus since 2013.

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