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‘Glamour model’ fooled into giving birth to fake footballer’s child

A wannabe WAG claims she was conned into believing her boyfriend was Hull City captain Curtis Davies for 18 months – and only realised she’d been duped hours before giving birth to the fraudster’s child.

Josie Cunningham – who is best known for having undergone nearly £5,000 worth of cosmetic breast enhancement surgery on the NHS – says she was “manipulated” into having a relationship with a man pretending to be the Premier League defender.

And she is now having his baby, having gone into labour at the weekend.

Davies, who has played for West Brom, Aston Villa, Leicester and Birmingham, is hardly a celebrity footballer, making this story even more absurd.

A journeyman centre-back who has spent his career between the top flight and the Championship, Davies said he was “disappointed” in the story, which had “no legs.”

Cunningham, 24, claimed she was “physically fooled” by the man, who she says is a Davies look-a-like, after he sent her photos of the 29-year-old while romancing her online.

The pair went on to have a relationship, meeting for sex in hotels, with Cunningham telling friends she was dating an unnamed Premier League star. They did not believe her, but she insisted she had bedded the star.

She only realised he was a fraud just before entering labour this weekend.

“I feel so dirty, ashamed and devastated. I’ve been completely manipulated by a man for 18 months pretending to be a Premiership footballer,” she said in a lengthy statement to nearly 56,000 Twitter followers.

“We weren’t in a full-blown relationship, so I didn’t see him too much. That’s how he managed to keep the lie going.

“I know I’m not that clever.”

Josie’s Twitter account also features several screenshots from Facebook, where she explained the fraud in full, and some more explicit references to their relationship.

It is a bizarre tale exposing the desperation for fame in modern society, and the submission of some young women to footballers, not to mention the dangers of social media and online dating.

 There is also a melancholy to her comments – the lack of self confidence, the willingness to define herself by a secret relationship with a middle-ranking footballer, the dating website she has set up, tragically named “Pull the Pig”.

Davies, who lives with his long-term partner, is understood to have never met Cunningham.

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