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Germany mulls bringing back compulsory military service

Berlin has said it’s considering changing its position on military conscription. The country is mulling new strategies to deal with possible security threats.

Germany’s interior ministry is considering taking steps toward bringing back the country’s compulsory military service, which was suspended five years ago.

A confidential draft of the proposal is set to be voted on in Berlin on Wednesday. The move comes as the government seeks to push forward a new concept for civilian defense, titled “Support of the Armed Forces.”

Germany has been mulling new security strategies in light of recent terror attacks, as well as tensions over Russia’s annexation of Crimea in 2014. The new military proposal is in part meant to prepare the country for the possibility of NATO actions to defend its borders.

All bases covered

The draft proposal also takes into account the infrastructure and accomodations that will be required if compulsory service were to be reintroduced.

Military conscription was abolished in 2011 after 55 years, because the government said there was no longer a need for it. However, compulsory military service is still a part of Germany’s Basic Law, or constitution. Therefore, it can be easily reintroduced by the government.

Following a series of attacks in Germany in late July, Bavarian Interior Minister Joachim Herrmann said the country should also consider deploying the army, or Bundeswehr, within Germany.

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