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Georgian PM: We Invite Citizens Working Remotely from 95 Countries

By Ana Dumbadze :-

“We invite citizens who are working remotely for global companies in 95 countries to Georgia and offer to fulfill their job responsibilities remotely from here for at least 180 days,” Prime Minister Giorgi Gakharia stated at yesterday’s session of Interagency Coordination Council.

“The National Tourism Administration has a very good initiative, entitled ‘Work from Georgia.’ In the context of the global pandemic, more and more transnational corporations and global companies are switching to remote work, and in fact, the geographical location of people does not matter in order for them to remotely exercise their rights and responsibilities.

“Therefore, we offer the program ‘Work from Georgia’ to 95 countries, which means that we are able to convert the achievements of virus management into specific revenues for the tourism sector,” said Gakharia.

He added that the government is doing everything possible to make their presence in Georgia safe and comfortable.

In addition, the Head of the Government noted that the program ‘Work from Georgia’ has already been uploaded on stopgov.ge and everyone can use it.

The project is intended for foreigners who are freelancers; who work remotely or can manage their businesses from every part of the world.

The Georgian government will exceptionally allow citizens of all countries to cross the border who will have the right to live in Georgia for at least 6 months.

Based on the initiative, a citizen of a foreign country who seeks to enter Georgia for the long-term should fill in a mandatory application form and obtain the preliminary confirmation required for border crossing.

It is noteworthy that foreigners seeking to work from Georgia must earn at least $ 2,000 per month.

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