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General Bajawa’s Successful Strike on ‘Financial Terrorists’ in Karachi

By Dr Shahid Qureshi: –

The recent meeting of so called ‘businessmen’, financial terrorists’ with the Army Chief General Bajawa in Karachi is realisation of the armed forces that these people are the ‘real manipulators and cons who robbed the state from right, left and centre even today. I have been studying the so called businessmen and cons for last 21 years starting from Global Money Exchange and MCB Bank operating in Pakistan from United Kingdom.

The growth of land mafia gangs and terrorist financing was closely linked as demolition of city civic infrastructure is linked with ‘urban warfare’. Former Karachi Mayor Waseem Akthar, retired on 28 August 2020 was a former AT&T employee who was caught by Rangers with spying equipment before the security briefing. He was MQM – Altaf leader and was actively involved in 12 May 2007, terrorism against Chief Justice of Pakistan.

Operation “Asset Recovery & De-Corruptionization” against Financial Terrorism – Time to make move

It seems Gen. Qamar Bajawa has performed very well and have dealt with the challenges in a great manner from day one both at personal and professional levels. His team is playing cards very well and should continue. I don’t believe in over criticism of politicians after all they are to run the country.

I ask my self one question ‘If these Businessmen who were siting with the Army Chief Gen. Qamar Bajwa in Karachi on 11 January 2019, were ‘patriotic and loyal to Pakistan would they steal money and send abroad’? The answer is No. They were never loyal and patriotic to Pakistan. In the words of Lord Nelson these gangsters’ ‘businessmen’ try to con everyone: “If you cannot Baffle with brilliance than dazzle them with Bull-Shit”.
They are worse than a prostitute on the street. They are con-men in suits living in big villas and apartments. I think defense department should open a special unit to monitor and counter their activities of economic espionage and financial terrorism against Pakistan. After all it were these businessmen who gave letter of consent to traitor Altaf Hussain after British Police recovered tons of cash from his house in London.

The real culprits we see in the draining of all Pakistani wealth in billions of dollars abroad are the so called ‘businessmen’ and civil servants’ (bureaucrats) syndications. These so-called businessmen have put Pakistan’s ‘national security’ at risk, that is why both Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan and Army Chief Gen Bajwa are asking Muslim countries leaders to help Pakistan. They have been successful so far in avoiding economic meltdown and default. I think they understand that real target of international players is Pakistan’s nuclear program and armed forces.

Who are the Real Gangsters in Pakistan?

Meeting of business leaders with General. Qamar Javed Bajwa in Karachi seems to be very timely and like hitting on the nail. It seems the military establishment has finally realized that it is time to check mate the ‘real gangsters’ i.e. so-called businessmen in Pakistan. I wrote an article in 2012 about the situation in Karachi, ‘who are the real gangsters in Pakistan’ based on my extensive investigations and research into so called businessmen and their ways of business.

IPP’s Terrorist attack on Industry and People  – Load shedding was planned 

“You are fuelling fighter jets in the air but pay attention to the load shedding and electric shortages as it is terrorism against Pakistan, I told a senior defence and security expert in 2006 in London. These IPPs could not have succeeded in their terrorism without full support of Pakistan’s bureaucracy who signed and drafted these one sided damaging contracts and politicians Benazir Bhutto, Nawaz Sharif and Gen Musharraf who approved it. That is a treachery when one knowingly damage the interests of Pakistan.

After all it was these so-called businessmen who profited from IPP agreements which were signed in 1995 by the then PPP government under Benazir Bhutto which was a move to shift from hydro to thermal power, give the control of electricity to outsiders and become perpetually dependant. The fatal decision ultimately morphed into biggest energy crisis in 2008 since then not a single MW electricity was added to the national grid and time was wasted on Kalabagh dam without building it.11000 MW electricity was added in five years tenure of previous government. But menace of foreign controlled IPPs still loom over Pakistan. And so is the water crisis which will peak in 2025. The one-sided international agreements like SEATO and SENTO are signed by bureaucrats and politicians, must be monitored and approve by Supreme Court of Pakistan.

He seemingly understood the nasty spin by Nawaz Sharif into his personal faith and credibility as professional soldier. We all know now that Qadiyani cult is a mere decommissioned ship going nowhere. Those ambitious people who joined them for postings and transfers or asylum are leaving them.

The so called ‘business tycoons’ of Karachi, Memons, Mufthas, Wadas, Sheikhs, Ddidy’s, Sharifs, Zardaris, and Dar have put Pakistan and its economy in the ICU (Intensive Care Unit) and nobody could do anything about it. Why? These are the real gangsters in Pakistan who got over 30,000 thousand people killed only in Karachi and billions of dollars losses to the economy and infrastructure.

Pakistani businessmen’s $6 billion robbery with only trade with China

They are the people who destroyed the police of Karachi and still working on the model to bring in the ‘army’ on the streets to start a civil war on Indian narrative ‘Keep Karachi Bleeding’. That was the reason NATO containers were bringing in vehicles used in the urban warfare as well as MQM-A leader (Babur Ghauri) Minister of ports and shipping got over 22000 NATO containers lost between Karachi port and Afghan border. Ishaq Dar was main informant of the MQM-A and damaging the ‘Karachi operation’ one must ask him why he tipped of Babar Ghauri to run as he is a main suspect in disappearing of 22000 NATO containers.

A treacherous mafia, who is and have been selling the country for a small price, ignoring the sacrifices of the armed forces and security services, is running Pakistan. A leading politician explained to me about the ‘strategy’ of so-called business community in Karachi. Security forces have recovered billions of Rs cash from ministers in the Sindh Government. These people are in the root of all financial scandals from Sind Bank, Mehran Bank, Bahria Town – Asghar Khan case to money laundering and gold smuggling. These ‘businessmen’ are the real terrorists hiding behind charity, media and piety.

These shrewd people will hire a ‘retired army officer’ as their Manager Human Resources on high pay and he will serve as security man as well as get them to all his juniors and seniors in armed forces and soon they will be offering presents to high ups in the armed forces. Now they changed the strategy as they will make father or brother of serving army officer as business partner.

The other strategy, which I observed, is ‘Queen Bee’ model of corruption. In this model these people will launch one member apparently with high religious values to show off and all the corruption money is given to him for investment and rest will enjoy the profits. If you check all the gambling bookies, money laundering syndicates and prostitution rings you will find them on top. For them Saint and Satan can be manipulated with wine, dine and woman. They are the most dangerous security challenge to the current leaders in Karachi.

These businessmen in Karachi are behind funding of all the political as well as money laundering for them. The dollars from Pakistan did not walk on foot or flew themselves. Someone took them out of the country with the full support of the state apparatus of Customs, FIA and FBR (Federal Board of Revenue). There was one brave customs Inspector who dared to stop this and arrested Dollar Smuggler ‘Ayan Ali’ was killed at his residence by the powerful mafia. But Pakistani media elements who can sleep with Washington and Tehran at the same time and corrupt civil servants are more worried about what Maddraas are doing, what is Hafiz Saeed doing, Molve Ludhanvee doing? Which politician is meeting them, so they can demonise them? Pakistani authorities should take serious action against these elements hiding in the cover of media. There are no such holy cows in media.

They have successfully created this ‘smoke screen’ of threat from ‘Madrassas and Taliban’. It even forced former Army Chief General Aslam Beg to say that: ‘if real Taliban come to Karachi MQM will disappear’. It was proven to be true that it was actually MQM mostly doing all the terrorism in the guise of Taliban.

According to Government of Pakistan report Rs. 1 Trillion was spent on development in Sind province which is run by Zardari mafia since 2008. Most of this development fund is stolen and hidden as well as smuggled abroad. Ishaq Dar has given amnesty to this loot. Instead of putting them in jail he has given them a way out to these white-collar criminals. Someone said: “if we disband police 50% crimes will disappear and if we jail corrupt politicians 100% crimes will end”.

What these economic terrorists have done to Pakistan:

(1) Drained billions of US$ dollars from the economy of Pakistan by not bringing back the revenue of sold items and products abroad.

(2) They enjoyed the subsidies in the gas and electric as well as refunds in tax but did not pay back the country and kept the profits in foreign banks or invested in real estates aboard.

(3) They kept the military leadership and security establishment engaged in ‘various operations’ since 9/11. They say, ‘let the khakis have tea and Smosas’. Pakistan Army is duped and stretched by the crook politicians into useless tasks like ‘counting the people’ census when they are already stretched at Afghan Border and Indian Border as well as LOC. In past, few years they are giving this new lollypop aka ‘sucker’ to every army chief to play with starting from Gen Kiayni, Gen. Raheel Sharif and now to Gen. Bajawa i.e. operation Rah e Najat, Zarb e azb, and now Rade-ul-fasad.

(4) By giving tax amnesty to the criminals and terrorist financiers Ishaq Dar and Nawaz Sharif further destroyed the ailing economy of Pakistan.

(5) They sabotaged the return of US$ 200 billion from Swiss Banks with the help of corrupt elements like Tariq Bajwa in bureaucracy, FBR and State Bank. Even when the Swiss Banks and Government are willing to return the money back to Pakistan.

Pakistan need to raise a special invisible force to fight ‘economic espionage, financial terrorism and white collar crimes following the model of CPEC security division.

(Dr Shahid Qureshi is senior analyst with BBC and chief editor of The London Post. He writes on security, terrorism and foreign policy. He also appears as analyst on Al-Jazeera, Press TV, MBC, Kazak TV (Kazakhstan), LBC Radio London. He was also international election observer for Azerbaijan 2020 April 2018, Kazakhstan 2019, 2015 and 2016 and Pakistan 2002. He has written a famous book “War on Terror and Siege of Pakistan” published in 2009. At The Government College Lahore he wrote his MA thesis on ‘Political Thought of Imam Khomeini’ and visited Tehran University. He is PhD in ‘Political Psychology’ and studied Law at a British University. He also speaks at Cambridge University. He is a visiting Professor at Hebe University in China.)

Views expressed are not of The London Post.

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