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Gen Bajwa’s ‘Ice Cream Shop’ & Nawaz Sharif’s Threats of Disclosures

By Dr Shahid Qureshi:

The whole military structure and functions revolves around ‘leadership’, which means one can not be expected to please everyone while taking tough decisions. As they say, ‘if you want to make everyone happy sell ice cream’. Obviously General Qamar Bajawa, the current Army Chief was carrying excess luggage of his predecessor Gen Raheel Sharif whose indecisiveness on the issue ‘Dawn Leaks’ damaged the whole of Pakistan and the armed forces. That made the crooks like Sharifs more courageous and powerful. In mafia and criminal world ‘perception’ and ‘symbolism’ matter too much as it is a game of survival.

In the world of intelligence use of a little bit of common sense really helps otherwise whole exercise of intelligence gathering become useless. As they say, ‘a stitch in time saves nine’. So now whole of Pakistan including the over stretched armed forces are paying the ‘heavy price’. Wrapping a body of young soldier or officer in national flag is not enough for the family who is going to suffer for the rest of their lives. So General your decision’s timings matter.

The armed forces of Pakistan have constitutional protection to do everything within their means in defence of ‘national interests and sovereignty’. The US Supreme Court said to the government during civil war that: ‘exceptional means can be used in exceptional circumstances’. For the last 17 years Pakistan is facing war and exceptional circumstances, but corrupt bureaucracy has shrewdly put all the focus on ‘Madrassas and 5% FATA’, while rest of 95% Pakistan faced lawlessness and mafia rules.

The growth of land mafia fueled ‘terrorist financing’ and syndication of police and judiciary with the mafia made everyone a target and increased military deaths. I told Ch Nisar Ali Khan, Interior Minister at IISS in London: ’your police system is collapsed due to police corruption and that’s why military deaths increased in Pakistan’. He asked me for a copy of my research study, so I gave him my own copy.

People in Pakistan and rest of the world must be wondering why world’s only Muslim nuclear power behaves in so indifferent and reckless manner when it comes to protect its national interests and foreign policy which does not seems to exist. Well the answer is simple its leaders put their personal interests first than national interests.

Nawaz Sharif and Asif Zardari’s corrupt regimes are undermining Pakistan’s national interests in a very sophisticated way. Appointment of corrupt, incompetent and compromised people on the top position is on top of agenda.

Both have learnt to bypass the state system of governance that is how Hussain Haqani was able to issue visas to black water mercenaries from Washington and his close relative from UAE, Rehman Malik is reportedly running his dodgy businesses abroad and allegedly passing on classified information as well as signing secret agreements to harm Pakistani national interests.

A senior journalist narrated an incident that during the USSR era of cold war a senior KGB agent defected to the USA. To the surprise of the KGB, they could not find anything against him. Few years later probably after the cold war one of his former colleagues met him in the USA and asked him, what were you doing, we could not find anything against you? The defected agent who was head of foreign posting department said, ‘I was just appointing corrupt and compromised agents nothing else’. Surely rest was easy for CIA.

The recent appointment of Ali Jhangir Siddiqi as Pakistani ambassador to USA and earlier Hina Rabbani Khar by Zardari as Foreign Minister of Pakistan seems like the same story. You just appoint an incompetent person the rest will happen automatically.

The whole leadership and ruling elite in Pakistan is corrupt to the bones. Let us suppose they all are blackmailed by foreign powers for whom they have or are working now and in the past. Surely this is a difficult situation for a politician, a general, a senior civil servant and a businessman. I would also agree with the statement that, ‘no one can ride on your back unless it is bent’. Following incident might help bent leadership of Pakistan.

“It was the former USSR ’s security agency KGB established one of the most sophisticated special services in the world, which trained female spies to seduce men and women.

There has been a book put out recently about sex spying. A girl named Vera narrated the story about KGB and how they recruited pretty girls, promising them that they would have all kinds of welfare imaginable, if they would agree to fulfil their civil duty and become sex agents.

The objects of sexual attack were examined thoroughly beforehand; it was requisite to learn their sexual preferences, in order not to miss anyone. The first contact with an object was supposed to be totally incidental, but it was all over with blackmail: they explained to a guy that he had no other way out, but to cooperate with the Soviet intelligence.

However, surprised happened sometimes too, like it was with the notorious case for seducing Indonesian President Ahmed Sukarno. He was known for his sexual passion. That is why KGB sent a group of young girls to him during his visit to Moscow. Those girls got acquainted with Ahmed Sukarno in a plane, under the disguise of air hostesses, then he invited them to his hotel room in Moscow and arranged a grand orgy. The orgy was filmed by two candid cameras that were fixed behind mirrors. It seemed that the operation was just perfect. Before starting the blackmail, KGB invited Sukarno in a small private movie theatre and showed him the pornographic video, in which he was playing the main part. KGB agents were expecting him to get really frightened, that he would agree to cooperate with them at once, but everything happened vice versa: Sukarno fondly decided that it was a gift from the Soviet government, so he asked for more copies to take them back to Indonesia and show them in movie theatres. Sukarno said to flabbergasted agents that the people of Indonesia would be very proud of him, if they could see him doing the nasty with Russian girls”.

You must be thinking what is the point of telling you this story? Well sometimes in early 1990s an extremely beautiful Indian girl walked into Pakistani High Commission in London with a Canadian national PML-N leader from KPK asking for Pakistani visa for the Indian girl and introducing himself as close friend of Nawaz Sharif and a powerful MNA from Rawalpindi. Well to cut the long story short visa was issued to the Indian girl who later arrived in Islamabad with the PML-N Canadian leader and he handed over ‘package’ to the concerned for the purposes not to be mentioned here. What they did not know was that ‘agency boys’ were already waiting in Islamabad and visa was issued with full clearance from the top officials. It would be stupid not to assume a ‘video and audio’ must be lying somewhere in the storage? No?

What Nawaz Sharif and his daughter Maryam Nawaz does not realize that: ‘they are not the only one who have ‘secrets’ and Nawaz Sharif and Shabaz Sharif are not brave enough like former Indonesian President Ahmed Sukarno?

(Dr Shahid Qureshi is senior British analyst with BBC and chief editor of The London Post. He writes on security, terrorism and foreign policy. He also appears as analyst on Al-Jazeera, Press TV, MBC, Kazak TV (Kazakhstan), LBC Radio London. He was also international election observer for Azerbaijan 2018 Kazakhstan 2015 and 2016 and Pakistan 2002. He has written a famous book “War on Terror and Siege of Pakistan” published in 2009. At Government College Lahore he wrote his MA thesis on ‘Political Thought of Imam Khomeini’ and visited Tehran University. He is PhD in ‘Political Psychology’ and studied Law at a British University. He also speaks at Cambridge University. He is a visiting Professor at Hebe University in China.)

Views expressed are not of The London Post


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