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Is there a future of Green Information Technology?

(By Tleshova Madina ):-

This article reveals a number of technological and organizational changes in the information and communication technologies (ICT) sector and analyses possible problems for workers of Kazakhstan and trade unions around the world. The influence of computer technology on work and workplace is discussed. It summarizes the research and provides for the implementation of new technologies in the company. Climate change, increased energy costs and lack of resources are becoming global problems for the state and business. These global problems cause new trends in the development of “green technologies”. The purpose of using green technology is to reduce carbon dioxide in companies. In this discussion, we discuss a new wave of green technologies and green assessments, diagnostics and consulting, tools and modelling, new services and business in manufacturing and processing. This article deals with “green” technologies, “green” computing and “green” services, future trends, directions and research topics.

Innovative technologies (IT) can still work and radically change the way of life. The 21st century is the age of information technology. Humanity has risen to a high level of evolutionary staircase – a new society has become a society with established and widely used computer technology. Information and telecommunication processes are the main components of human activity and contribute to its development. The main object of information technology (IT) impact is man and his mind. Information technology is defined as the technology used to purchase, store, process, organize and process “useful information” that can be used for IT, data processing, and certain applications.

This article discusses the definition of terms of information technology, IT history and its importance, advantages and disadvantages resulting from the use of IT technologies. According to Information Technology Association (ITAA), information technology is defined as the research, design, development, implementation and management of computer information systems. This requires computer software applications as well as computer techniques. And now in a new historical period, we, the Kazakhs and the fourth, come to our country with a serious preparation. Digital technologies are the main trends in our time. All progressive states have their horizons of development focused on their strategic priorities. The information technology associated with the appearance of electronic computers is secretly used and maintains such services: stores, processes, receives, and transmits information to different sources. Ever since IT technology has become a common term, it has started to compute calculations and various technologies.

Therefore, IT is a broad term and it is intended to be used in many areas. IT specialists perform a wide range of tasks such as installing computer applications, designing and maintaining complex networks and computer databases. Therefore, the term IT includes data management, networking, engineering, database entry, software design and management. Thus, by using computers, they have something to do with information. Since the memorial period, information technology has been used. There are four main young people for IT, but the last, the electronic era that has made a great impact on us. Over time, IT has become a common ground for the public as it has influenced everyone in the world.

Electronic era is a continuous period in the history of humanity, characterized by numerical, computerized industry. It also describes the era’s ability to access information and accessible information, and access to any information about human plans. Information technology explores, designs and develops information that is important to computers. Due to the rapid development of the IT industry in the last few years, it is expected that the growth will remain stable due to the importance of IT experts. IT is important in many areas, particularly in business and in education. One of the most important values in business is IT. Many businesses require software packages to meet their production and functional needs.

IT is important to ensure continued operation of enterprises and all its units. Special importance in IT business: IT plays an important role in managing and storing large amounts of information. This will help you to exchange information. In this regard, business partners can work from any part of the world in the same room. IT plays an important role in the diagnosis of various forms of IT in medicine. While innovations are rising, today there are a lot of computer skills. IT has made a huge contribution to various security systems for homes and companies. Integrated security systems are used both in military and public institutions. In the entertainment industry, IT has also been used in innovative multimedia applications for special effects, graphics applications and film making. With the global positioning system (GPS), IT is now reaching many people. People use GPS technology to track travel routes, restore carnage items such as cars and mobile phones. Simply put, “G” Generation means wireless technology from generation to generation. Each generation seems to be faster, safer, and more reliable. It’s a major breakthrough in technology when wireless networks are switched from analogue to digital. What are G standards? 1G is an unused term before 2G is available. This is the first generation of mobile phone technology. He made simple phone calls. 2G is the second generation of mobile phones. Several additional features have been added to the menu, such as plain text messages. 3G – these generations have set standards for many wireless technologies we have learned and loved. Third generation includes web browser, e-mail, video downloading, photo sharing and other smartphone technology. Can work with 2 megabits per second for 3G. 4G.

The speed and standards of this wireless technology should be at least 100 megabits per second, and 4G to 1 Gigabit per second. You also need to allocate network resources to support the cell at the same time. There is a rumour about testing 5G, but 5G specifications are not officially defined. We are expecting to introduce new technologies by 2020, but this is much earlier in the fast-growing world. In the education sector, IT helps readers learn the course materials as they are available to both teachers and students. Thanks to the help of online electronic libraries, it simplifies knowledge and understanding. Recall that the main objective of the Astana Hub International Technology Park is the development of IT-business as well as general innovative technologies. The project will be implemented taking into account international best practice. Implementation of its idea was put into the state program “Digital Kazakhstan.”

The Hub offers the following development tools: supervision, education and consulting, Community and Netbook, Start-up auctions, PR, and access to corporations and government agencies. IT advantages Today’s world has changed dramatically with the emergence of IT. Computerization has made it easier to work hand-in-hand, with a single click, the task ends. IT-meaning is evident in every aspect of our lives; business, leisure, workplace and even society. Today, personal computers, cell phones, fax machines, pagers, e-mails and the Internet have become an integral part of today’s life, as they play an important role in our lives. Communication: Communication through IT was not only fast and inexpensive, but also more profitable. It’s easy and cheap to send text messages over the Internet and instant messaging, chat with anyone around the world via email. IT disadvantages IT has its own disadvantages.

These include: Unemployment: While IT has optimized business processes, it has led to a reduction in IT and outsourcing that has cut down many jobs, while others have caused unemployment. Privacy: Although IT has facilitated communication, the confidentiality of the information has been violated. You can listen to cell phone signals, email can be broken, ie people’s private lives will be publicly known. IT future It’s hard to imagine the future without IT and the Internet. Even though there is no truth now, there is something that people cannot do. The future of IT looks like a combination of human minds and technology. IT has an active demand for market innovations and technological products and services in all sectors. Social factors: There is a great demand for “green IT” and this will be important in debates on energy in the 21st century.

Employers want to be competitive and want to be distinct with IT benefits. Demand for IT professionals in the global environment will be competitive. Information on the implementation of the Action Plan of the Republic of Kazakhstan on the Concept of Transition to Green Economy. The Action Plan for the Implementation of the Concept of Transition to the Green Economy of the Republic of Kazakhstan provides for consideration of the National Report on Green Economy once in three years at a meeting of the Council on transition to a green economy.

To this end, in 2017, the Ministry has developed a national report on “Green Economy” for 2019-2022 with the support of the German Society for International Cooperation (GIZ). In fact, the green economy trend was launched thirty years ago when the oil price rises. Today the situation is quite different; “Black gold” was cheaper and we need to ensure the development of “green” energy as an essential part of climate change response. In our country, for the last 10 years, significant measures have been implemented to implement green technologies with international organizations such as the Development Program and the European Union.

(Tleshova Madina is an Undergraduate student at the L.N.Gumilyov Eurasian National University – Astana , Kazakhstan)

Disclaimer: views expressed are not of The London Post

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