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French FM: “On Iran, France speaks with all sovereignty”

“On Iran, France speaks with all sovereignty,” French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian said Friday, in a rebuke to a tweet of U.S. President Donald Trump who said “nobody speaks for the United States but the United States itself”.

France “commits itself firmly to the peace and security in the region, it commits itself in order to allow for a de-escalation of tensions and it has no need of authorization to do so”, said Le Drian.

Trump tweeted on Thursday and cautioned French President Emmanuel Macron, saying Iran “were given mixed signals from all of those purporting to represent us, including President Macron of France”.

“Nobody speaks for the United States but the United States itself. No one is authorized in any way, shape, or form, to represent us!” Trump tweeted.

“France is faithful to the Vienna Agreement which prevents nuclear proliferation. It respects its signature, as do the others parties to the agreement, with the exception of the United States and it firmly requests Iran to return to compliance with its obligations,” said Le Drian, referring to the landmark Iran nuclear deal.

“The aggravation of tensions necessitates political initiatives in order to reopen the conditions for a dialogue. That is what President Macron does in all transparency with our partners, first and foremost the European signatories,” said Le Drian.

“He obviously keeps the American authorities informed. All efforts must be joined in order to avoid that this conflict situation transforms into a dangerous confrontation,” Le Drian added.

France and other U.S. European allies have been attempting to save the Iran Nuclear Deal, which the Trump administration abandoned last year.

Ties between the United States and Iran have deteriorated significantly in recent months due to repeated U.S. sanctions as well as military frictions between the two countries.

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