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Foreign Secretary meets Syrian opposition leader Hadi al-Bahra in London

Foreign Secretary underlines UK support for the moderate opposition, as they fight ISIL’s extremism and Assad’s regime.

Speaking after his meeting with President al-Bahra, Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond said:

I was pleased to see President al-Bahra today. He is leading a Syrian opposition fighting Bashar al-Assad’s regime, ISIL and Islamic extremism, while protecting and serving ordinary Syrians in very challenging conditions. The UK is helping the opposition establish security and governance, and to deliver essential services. This includes life-saving search and rescue training, helping Syrians whose homes have been reduced to rubble by the regime’s bombs.

This complements wider international efforts to strengthen the moderate armed opposition. We are providing non-lethal equipment and the UK expects to make a significant contribution to the US led-Train and Equip programme.

I reaffirmed today to President al-Bahra that Assad can play no future role in Syria. The regime is unwilling and unable to take effective action against ISIL and other extremists. Instead, it is conducting a brutal and indiscriminate campaign against the moderate opposition and civilians in an effort to destroy prospects for the political settlement that Syria and its people so badly need.

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