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The First ECG Poetry Reading in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

(Bishkek) The Eurasian Creative Guild (ECG) held the 8th meeting in On April the 13th Bishkek (Kyrgyzstan).

Poetry reading was chosen as the main topic of the evening. Creative elite of Bishkek united in the Art Studio of “Cultura Nomada”. On that day, many people with different backgrounds decided to discuss their art projects. Professional authors and poets – beginners recited their poems.

The theme of the reading was love. The authors talked about it, and eulogized it in various forms of their creativity. They encouraged appreciating nature, life and each other.

Eurasia poetry 2017. Marat
Mr Egor Panshyn and Marat Akhmedjanov

The members of the Eurasian Creative Guild – Marina Bashmanova and her father – Yuri Bashmanov, Marina Mikhajlovskaya, Raushan Shoesteh, Anna Kotova performed for guests during the meeting. The vice-chairman of the Eurasian Creative Guild – Mark (Marat) Akhmedjanov and intern from Astana presented projects and activities of ECG.

Guests, such as Nariste Alieva, Begimay Abdysamatova, Sardor Ibragimov, Rinat Abduvaliev gave a speech; the opera singer Syrgak Asanakunov sang as well.

The certificates were handed to the new ECG members: Azim Akmatov, Aijana Myrsak, Egor Panshyn, Bubaisha Arstanbekova.

The Eurasian Creative Guild once again united people of different ages, various cultures and distinct domains of the life.

The Eurasian Creative Guild (London) is a new meeting place for a creative person with artistic talents. As an actual and online association, it generates a framework within, which enables people from across all over the world to assemble together and discuss their work. Indeed, our Guild has already enlisted dozens of significant cultural figures across the planet due to its proactive support for writers, musicians, illustrators, graphic designers, sculptors and poets: along with anyone else, who considers themselves to be creative.

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