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‘First anti-nuclear power conference in 30 years’

(London Post)  The first major anti-nuclear power conference in Britain for 30 years will take place in London tomorrow.

Nuclear power and renewable energy experts, and politicians and activists campaigning for change, will set out an alternative to government plans to build a new generation of nuclear power reactors.

Kate Hudson, CND general secretary, said:

“Nuclear power is dirty, dangerous, expensive and absolutely unnecessary. Renewables now demonstrate that final point beyond all question. The idea that nuclear power is worth the risk is finished. Many countries already recognise that and it’s time for the UK to kick its nuclear addiction in the interests of people and planet.”

Dr Ian Fairlie, conference organiser and a specialist on radiation in the environment, said:

“The CND conference will send a strong signal to the government to adopt more rational energy policies for electricity generation.”

Who’s coming to the conference?

Chris Baugh, Assistant General Secretary, PCS union;
Amelia Womack, Green Party.
Professor Andrew Blowers, Open University; Emeritus
Molly Scott Cato MEP, Green Party;
Professor Godfrey Boyle, Open University;
Dr Kate Hudson, General Secretary, CND;
Dr Tom Burke, Director and Chairman, E3G Consultants;
Alasdair Cameron, Friends of the Earth;
Dr Carl Clowes, former Deputy Director NHS Wales;
Emeritus Professor David Elliott, Open University;
Dr Paul Dorfman, University College London;
Dr Ian Fairlie, Independent Consultant;
Antony Froggatt, co-author World Nuclear Industry Status Report;
Dr Doug Parr, Chief Scientist, Greenpeace UK;
Kelvin Hopkins MP, Labour Party;
Professor Tim Mousseau, University of South Carolina, US;
Professor Steve Thomas, University of Greenwich;
Dr David Toke, University of Aberdeen;
Andrew Warren, Chairman British Energy Efficiency Federation.

Where is it?

Saturday 17 June 2017 9:45 registration, 10:15 start, 5pm finish.
Conway Hall, 25 Red Lion Square, London WC1R 4RL

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