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Finnish Interior Minister says Night Wolves enter Finland with valid visas

HELSINKI, (Xinhua) — Finnish Minister of Interior Paivi Rasanen agreed with the decision made by the Finnish Border Guard, which allowed members of Russian motorcycle club Night Wolves to transfer via Finland to Germany for celebrating the end of the Second World War, Finnish national broadcaster Yle reported on Sunday.

The group of Russian motorcyclists planned to celebrate the Victory Day of the end of the Second World War on May 9 with a trip from Moscow to Berlin. However, some of the members were banned entry to Poland by Polish authorities last Monday.

Two members of Night Wolves were allowed by the Finnish Border Guard to enter Finland last Thursday and Friday, as they had all the necessary travelling papers.

Rasanen told Yle that the two motorcyclists, who were allowed to cross the Finnish border, had already received German visas.

She said that the Border Guard’s decisions were made on the basis of law and Schengen regulations, but not politics.

Founded in 1980s, the Night Wolves is the largest motorcycle club in Russia. In December 2014, the club was sanctioned by the U.S. over alleged involvement in Russia’s annexation of Crimea.

The club has aroused widespread attention around Europe, as its members plan to follow the route of the Red Army during World War Two and travel from Russia to Germany.

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