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Family of Dead Baby by ‘Bhutto Protocol’ disappeared

By Shahid Qureshi :
(London Post) – Family of the 10 months old baby girls killed at the doorsteps of the hospital disappeared. Father of the dead girl was summoned by the Chief Minister Sindh Qaim Ali Shah at the residence of Nadia Gabool (MP) few hours after the burial. He was seen on camera running with the baby outside the gates of the hospital sealed by the ‘protocol security’ of Bilawal Zardari. Baby girl later dried and doctors told her father had he brought her in few minutes earlier she could be saved.

A close relative seems so pressurized as he said on TV, ‘we have forgiven who ever killed our girl and we don’t want any problem’.

click video link: http://www.siasat.pk/forum/showthread.php?407881-Qaem-Ali-Shah-ka-jadoo-chal-gaya-Bisma-ke-waalidain-ghar-chor-kar-chale-gaye

This is criminal mind-set ruling in Pakistan. So called democrats are actually behaving like ‘mafia dons’. CM Sindh did not bother to go to the house of the dead girl. These criminals come into power with rigged elections, use, loot and plunder state resources and call it a mandate.

Pakistan’s police is a mercenary force plays like a prostitute in the hands of powerful and so does the court system. Recently a mother of young boy Zain said to the chief justice in the supreme court ‘I have two daughters and I am a widow, the killers are powerful and I cannot fight with them’. after her son’s powerful killer was acquitted.

All the eye witnesses in the Zain murder case refused to identify the killer in the court. The abuse of Sharia Law ‘paying the blood money’ has given licence to kill to the rich and mighty in Pakistan. Americans have used this law to get ‘Raymond Davis’ released and paid huge sum to the relatives. The relatives are mostly forced to accept or otherwise they will be killed too. It is very common killing the witnesses, lawyers, judges and investigators.

Who will not join Taliban in the above situation for free and swift justice? People are asking General Raheel Sharif ‘we know you are testing long and short range missiles’ to save us from enemies but we need protection from these enemies within Pakistan more than from abroad’.

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