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Faking The Mahdi

“The Cold War is coming to an end, but the West is still frightened. Star Wars figures high on the agenda, now America and Britain have a new threat that needs very careful handling if fatwas and urban terrorism are not undermine the status quo the intelligence agencies seek to protect. A that it will take to unite the world’s Muslim fraternity is new Mahdi, the successor to the prophet Mohammad himself. What is needed an artificial miracle – the creation of the Mahdi in full sight of millions at Makkah on pilgrimage. But who will be the Mahdi? And who will control the man who leads millions?
“A most ingenious plot … perhaps it would have been better if Quinnell had sold the idea to the CIA and MI6′” – Chapman Pincher
 (Back Page – The Mahdi  )
Book: The Mahdi 
Author: A.J. Quinnell

Publisher: William Morrow & Co.

Year: 1982

Pages: 297

Plans and plots has, of course, for donkey years, been making against Islam just to subvert the religion or, at least, to form something in the name of religion which, will be at par with it; or founding myriad number of associations within Islam, purportedly to entrench schism within the uniquely comprehensive religion. Reports of clandestine moves for that are, certainly, abound. Of such reports was one, whose primary aims and objectives, as was exposed, to create a fake MAHDI. Through whom confusion is to be brought among the Ummah; then the cleared ways would come for subjecting Muslims’ world becomes readily available.
In the process of that, serious quarrel that led to rancorous feelings occurred among the principal planners of the satanic attempt. So, the plan went awry sine die and the clandestine moves also went public. Another vineyard reports, though, has it that there is, still, the possibility of rejigmeniting the process in different ways, with equally different modus operandi.
With the end of the world war II and, the configuration of United Nations Organization and sundry other International bodies, whose onus, according to the Western Powers, was maintaining peace and stability, then checking any security threat, similar to one that led to the escalation of world war I and II; Western Intelligence Agencies, had a summit in which, it was unanimously agreed upon, that there was direly urgent need for a common agenda and single policy for certain matters which have to do with their common enemies; then mapping out areas of mutual co-operation and equally where they should tolerate one another.
After the afore-mentioned summit too, several others followed in which, a number committees had been formed and, saddle with the responsibility of mapping out a comprehensive plan, by which they can do away with what they called their ‘enemies’ once and for all.
Having got the reports of all the committees, it was unanimously concurred that, during another but selected summit, the greatest threat, whose menace is imminent, is unequivocally, Islam. If it rises, one day, would definitely, keeps on rolling and conquering; while there is no force to halt it, till it triumphs resoundingly.
The Western powers have it documented that Islam as a religion, has definite system of governance whose bedrock is unalloyed justice and fairness. And there is no religion on earth that can boast of something similar to it. The religion, according to the Western powers, is in possession of clear cut methods of waging war fare for freedom, along with concept of martyrdom which is called Shahadah; which means if one dies on the course of war for protecting the religion, he would no doubt, be directly admitted into paradise, on the day of judgment.
The reports read in part that, Muslims have unshakable obedience to their religion to extend of which, whatever transactions they would have with someone outside the fold of the faith; they would not have hundred percent confidences in him. Reason, they have, already, been fore warned that ‘they would never accept you vice-versa.
It took them a considerable number of years studying the report due to the fact that the world has somewhat waken up from its centuries long slumber for re-institutionalizing Islam as a political system in almost every part of the globe. In view of this, therefore, West decided to infiltrate the Islamic groups, who engaged in reforms movements, so as to bend them to other direction, but pure, puritanically precinct Islam.
By these tricks, Palestinian freedom fighting organizations were made to be sounding racial rather than Islamic. They have become very closely tight to the apron of, either West or East. Instead of Islam, whose slogan has been “Neither West nor East.” It is a plain truth, islamically speaking, that anything without Islamic justification is Kufr.
What had once took place in Sudan, that someone called himself Mahdi and fought Western colonialists and chased them out of the country then, and enshrined Islam as system of governance then, geared the West to delve deeply very much into the concept of Al-Mahdi Islam. Who is he that mere mention of his name rejuvenates, and energizes Muslims spiritually and physically?
During that episode, Sudanese people trooped out in all shape and colour; character and characteristics; manner and mannerism to wage an all out war with an exceptionally unique enthusiasm and zeal; just because of the Al-Mahdi had commanded them to. British battalions were battered and resoundingly exterminated. Even General Gordon, who was the field commander then, was beheaded at the Khartoum city gate. And the head was tucked on stick for colonial power to watch.
The driving force for this astonishing zeal was nothing but the commandment of the Mahdi; whose incontestable obedience is incumbent on every believing Muslim. Whoever obeys him too, would surely be victorious. The Sudanese then, kept on recording victory sequentially. An entirely new chapter had, therefore, been opened against the Western Powers’ intelligence agencies. Who is Al-Mahdi in Islam, and how is he looks like?
Of the phenomena that made a daunting impact on the Western imperialists’ power, was Umar Mukhtar’s dauntless war on Italy, during its attempt to colonize Libya. History of the war shows that Umar Mukhtar had not, actually, been conquered by the sheer military fire-power of colonial forces; as an alternative, he was deceived and divided his ranks. In the war, though, to say the fact, Italy was worst hit. Wherever he set his foot then, people trooped to pledge their support to him, because they believed that it was Al-Mahdi that appeared.
For this, studies and investigation was on top-most gear, to know who is Mahdi? Where does he live in? When is he going to reappear? Through this process, they came to know that every intrepid Islamic reformist who took Islam to new environments or conquered tyrannical regimes, has, doubtlessly, achieved that courtesy of Mahdi.
A shining example here is a legendry Muslim character who, first, made Indian sub-continent a state, then establishes Islam as political system there then, was, surely, Muslim. He was also called and known as Mahdi; because he conquered the entire sub-continent including present Afghanistan and Islam was his ruling system.
Times gone by has it to West, through academic and intellectual crucibles, that wherever, in the political map of the world, Islam sets its foots, regardless of the remoteness of the corners or crannies; or, a struggle against injustice takes place and records a reverberating success; Mahdi’s power, has no doubt, been practically there. They fully knew that Islam reached China and Balkan regions. So, the therefore redouble efforts in studying who is Mahdi in Islam.
At the end of the study too, Western powers came to the conclusion that Mahdi, is a distinctively great servant of Allah who, despite their divisions, Muslims have strongly believed in the doctrine of his reappearance, so as to champion the course of Islam and Muslims; he will also wage war for the establishment of Islamic system on the entire world. But all those that previously appeared were not the real Mahdi; rather, they were name after him, because of their respective exceptional audacity in the cause of the original Mahdi.
Doctrine of the reappreance of Mahdi, islamically speaking, is a reality in the true sense of the word. He will certainly, lead Muslims to the most resonant victory. But the fact here is that no one knows the exact time of his manifestation and when will he be manifesting; though there had been personalities who exhibited extra-ordinary valour, hence they were nicknamed Mahdi. As a consequence, Western security outfits began thinking that if that has been the case; they could have therefore created a fake one, whom they could, remote-controlled for their imperialism to the detriment of the Muslims’ world.
This project was a joint venture between Western and Eastern blocs, and commenced in earnest, that a handsomely built person would be trained in the various rubrics of Islamic sciences; then received an extensive in-depth tuition in the act of eloquence; then science and technology would be employed in making gimmick to descend from the sky while hajj rituals are being performed. Through this, someone would just descend from the sky. Whenever he talks everywhere will be echoing. Such were the imperialists’ intention as of then.
The project, then, was in the advanced stage; budgets for its execution too, had been the steady one of course. But in the process of developing the hi-tech gimmick which would be used, wrangle and squabble broke out on who, could sufficiently man the machine with an exceptional proficiency? Failure to reach an agreement for that matter therefore, the plan went to indeterminate state.
It was in 1975, romour about this project filtered out through an anonymous KGB agent, who did not want the West to have a dominant power over it disclosed the secret to the media practitioners. This generated a lot of controversy between two sides. Though, the story was not true and, then halted.
In 1982 too, an anonymous and faceless person wrote a book titled The Mahdi. But in preface of the book, it was said that: A.J. QUINNELL, as a pen name, was its author. Quinnell claimed that, the book was a fiction not true life story. Macmilillan of London, were the publishers. Although, before publishing it, Macmillan published another book, titled Man on Fire with that same pen name. In the first book, the anonymous guy warned, in strong term, that a gigantic plot against humanity was on the pipeline, whose negative effects, if comes then, it would have made an incalculable damage.
Although A.J. remained anonymous up to the time of filing this piece, and still claimed that his book is nothing but fiction; and Macmillan also remained silent in disclosing the true author, but has become palpably clear, that it was his book, The Mahdi, generated the afore-mentioned controversy, basically because of the detailed account of what was going to be done and how it was designed; in spite of the fact that, West’s top security agencies kept on, strongly, condemning the tale as blatant fairy fiction.
As years tick by too, in 1995, US defense ministry released some information which it was considered no longer classified one. In it, there were ones which successes had been recorded and ones that have woefully failed; then those that attempts were made for its implementation but halted by some technical, political or some other compelling reasons. Because, one should imagine that someone suddenly descended from sky in Mecca, during hajj performances; and the guy speaks to the hearing of all and sundry everywhere across the globe….. My dear readers, you can presume how the result would have been by now.
May Allah, out of His boundless mercy protect Islam and Muslims against all oddities?

By Danjuma Katsina. Katsina is the Public Relations Officer of ANA, Katsina state chapter. He can be reached throughkatsinadanjuma@yahoo.com and 08035904408http://blueprintng.com/2012/03/the-wests-wasted-attempt-to-fake-the-mahdi/
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